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Aleksei Feliksovich Bessolov (Russian: Алексей Феликсович Бессолов) is the main antagonist of Dmitry Glukhovsky's novel Metro 2035. He is the overarching antagonist of the Metro series, as a whole, who is directly responsible for the events throughout the series. He is the leader of a faction known as the Invisible Watchers.

He is directly encountered by Artyom on three occasions (in chronological order: first at Tsvetnoy Bulvar, then in Bessolov's bunker, and finally on Arbatskaya station). At the bunker, he reveals the truth about why people keep living in the Moscow Metro, the background and real leaders behind its political factions, as well as the real identity and status of the Invisible Watchers.


In Metro 2035, it is soon revealed that Bessolov practically controls all of the major leaders of the Moscow Metro's factions: Miller, Rusakov, Moskvin, the Führer, etc. are all under his direct influence and subordinate to this command. Feliksovich and his people actively suppress the dissemination of facts about other survivors across the globe among the population of the Russian capital's subway. Bessolov is one of the key individuals responsible for the creation of Polis, Hanza, the Red Line, as well as the Fourth Reich. Artyom learns about Aleksei Feliksovich and his authority from Sasha at Tsvetnoy Bulvar station.

At the end of the novel, Bessolov announces to (and deceives) the denizens of Moscow that the war is apparently not over and still raging in various parts of the world, so his fellow Moscovians must remain vigilant if the Russian Federation is to stand victorious against the Western powers and other opponents. Aleksei "Lyokha" Zvonariov, one of Artyom's companions throughout the course of the book's story, is at one point recruited by Feliksovich and turned against Chyornyj.


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