Alekteus is one of the Warrior Beasts and an antagonist in the Great Mazinger anime, only appearing in the episode "Burn!! Desperate Counterattack of Anger!".


Alekteus is a superhuman Warrior Beast resembling a large humanoid. He wears an orange armor, an orange helmet, and dark gray boots. There are two large lavender spikes on sides of his helmet, and there is a larger lavender crescent-shaped spike on top of it. It is revealed that he tan skin. He also has spikes on his shoulders, otherwise his boots. He has a gigantic bagging hook on his right hand, and a set of spikes on his left hand. He also has a pair of true faces located on two sides of his chest.

Powers and Abilites

Alektues is a capable scythe user. For close combat, he is armed with hand spikes that as missiles. He has an ability to move through the air under control and discharge lightning bolts from his cheek spikes. There are also three missles in each knee of his shoulder spikes.


The Great Mazinger was sent to an island due to Alekteus' radar sighting. However, Galgania gave a sign of welcome to him on meeting, Alekteus attacked unexpectedly, using his missiles to destroy the Great Mazinger's forearm. He rendered the Thunder Break ineffective by applying an opposite force with his lightning bolts, and put an end to the existence of the remaining Missile Punch of the Great Mazinger by damaging it with his scythe. Alekteus and Galgania took an aggressive action against the Great Mazinger in an unceasingly intense way. It is fortunate that Venus A joined the violent struggle, so she damaged Alekteus' abdomen. However, he regained control of Venus A and knocked her down with his lightning bolts, so it caused him to make both Tetsuya and Jun unconscious.

With the two robotic heroes knocked down, the Great General Of Darkness gave Galgania an authoritative direction to attack the Science Fortress Laboratory, leaving Alekteus to take measures concerning with the two robots. Alekteus was about to kill the Great Mazinger, Tetsuya obtained possession of consciousness and roused Jun from sleeping. Both join the fight, but Alekteus soon made a detrimental effect on Venus A. The Great Mazinger controlled the use to put an end to the existence of Alekteus' left arm by damaging it with his Rust Hurricane. Alekteus employed his missiles and his scythe to take a dangerous action against the Great Mazinger, but he became badly damaged and was driven down a steep rock face. Alekteus attempted to kill the Great Mazinger with a final blow, but one of Alekteus' true faces was transfixed by Tetsuya with one of the Mazinger Swords. After that, he was then destroyed in a process.

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