Alenia is a female Queen's Knight, and was trained by her father, who served as a Queen's Knight under Falzrahm Falenas.


She is a proud supporter of the Godwins and their dream of creating a strong Falena, which often leads to clashes with Kyle. She also believes that Queen Arshtat did the correct thing by punishing the town of Lordlake with the Sun Rune.


Alenia, along with Zahhak, help the Godwin's seize the Falena throne by preventing the escape of Lymsleia from the palace. Her loyalty to the Godwins and her military skills allowed her to become one of Gizel Godwin's most trusted generals, he even trusted her to bear the Twilight Rune but as Jeane had to attach the rune to her, instead of the rune choosing her itself, she struggled to wield and control the runes power in the battle at Doraat. Gizel had the rune removed from her after this event, seeing that she would be more of a danger to his dream than a help.

She continued as one of Gizel's generals until her defeat by the Prince, at the Sun Palace, where she was defending the throne room alongside Zahhak. The pair take the Raging Nostrum drug that was developed by Nether Gate, making her berserk but also causing her death.