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Atta boy...
~ Alessi's catchphrase.
I love bullying little kids. It makes me feel like I'm king of the world!
~ Alessi

Alessi is one of the mercenaries hired by Dio Brando during the third arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. His stand, Sethan, represents one of the nine Egyptian gods of prosperity.


Alessi is a coward and treacherous mercenary who only attacks kids. Hired by Dio Brando to kill Jotaro Kujo and his group, he is noticed by Polnareff, and just pretends to be looking for a coin. Polnareff attacks him, so a big shadow grows under him. Polnareff realizes it is a stand and slices Alessi, who runs away. However, Polnareff starts de-aging, becoming a little kid. So, Alessi shows himself and pursues him with an axe. Polnareff, unable to call for help, runs away. He is taken by a woman who gets him to take a bath, but as things starts getting interesting, he notices Alessi is the one bathing him, seeing only the woman's clothes and no signal of her.

Shadow Thing

Alessi with Sethan.

Alessi tells she step in his shadow for too long, and Polnareff finally sees that she de-aged to the point she became a fetus. Alessi once again attacks, but Polnareff barely manages to fight back because of his tiny body. He is able to throw Alessi through a window, as Jotaro approaches the scene. Alessi de-ages Jotaro, but the kiddy Jotaro just punches him fiercely, as he was a delinquent boy. Alessi temporarily loses consciousness, deactivating his Stand, restoring both Polnareff, Jotaro and the woman to their own selves. Immediately thereafter Alessi is punished by both Jotaro and Polnareff. Alessi is sent flying high onto the other side of the world and is never seen again.

Powers and Abilities

Alessi's stand, Sethan, is a shadow under his feet. Anyone who steps in the shadow de-ages to a certain degree, depending on the time they are exposed to the shadow's influence.



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