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I never made you do anything that wasn't in you already. People are such hypocrites. They go through their whole lives to the day they die saying that they're innocent, but they're not innocent. I showed you that!
~ Alex taunting Michael.

Alex is the main antagonist of the 1990 thriller film Bad Influence.

He was portrayed by Rob Lowe, who also played Paul Barish in Tommy Boy and the young Number Two in the Austin Powers franchise.


When Michael talks to a woman in a bar and her boyfriend tells Michael to take a hike and he refuses and the boyfriend tries to fight him but is stopped by Alex, who disappears. Then later Michael finds Alex, who gives him inspiration to take risks in life and takes him to a bar where he talks to a woman, Claire, and vanishes again. Alex gets Michael romantically involved with Claire and sex and drugs as well. This soon goes into crime when Alex takes Michael on a spree and gets him to viciously attack a coworker, who Michael hates.

Then Michael tries to get rid of Alex, who does not take no for an answer, and tells him to meet him in a building, where Alex traps Michael and kills Claire. Then Michael finds Alex in the building and beats him up and leaves. Together Michael and his friend, Pismo Ball bury Claire's body in tar. At the end, Alex gets shot by Michael.

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