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Alex is a character in the 2004 science-fiction/horror film Decoys. Appearing as the girlfriend of Luke, the protagonist, for most of the film, she is revealed to be an alien in the last few minutes.

She was portrayed by Meghan Ory.



Initially, Alex is seen as Luke's girlfriend, albeit one that's often neglected. Luke is seen to constantly be interested in other women, and during an escapade in which he attempts to spy on two naked blondes, he discovers them sprouting tentacles. Eventually, Luke learns that alien women have come to earth seeking human mates, whom they copulate with to produce alien children. Unfortunately for the men, the process involves the aliens sicking tentacles down the humans' throats and planting their embryos, which generates extreme cold that the humans are unable to survive.

Luke ends up hunting after these alien girls, and Alex helps him. Luke himself gets into several close calls as he tries to expose or kill the aliens, nearly getting raped and impregnated himself. Eventually, with the help of a cop ex-girlfriend, Luke manages to kill the last alien and believes himself successful at defeating the aliens. Alex congratulates him and takes him to her bedroom, where she seduces him.

Luke realizes Alex has been there for him this whole time and professes his love for her, which Alex returns in kind.

Alex continues to seduce Luke, kissing him and allowing him to undress her. A shot reveals that Alex has no navel, suggesting she is one of the aliens. Alex smirks as she becomes aroused, then turns and takes Luke to the bed. Luke lays Alex down on the bed, but Alex wraps her legs around him and pulls him down, then mounts him. Luke, surprised, gets up, but Alex wraps her arms around him, trapping him. She brings his face close to her, says she is grateful that he got rid of the other aliens, and that she can now have her way with him.

Alex then pushes Luke down and straddles him menacingly. Flashbacks reveal Alex was the one that was sabotaging Luke's attempts to reveal the aliens. Luke realizes Alex is an alien, minutes too late. He screams as she begins to ride him, and feebly attempts to knock her off of him. Alex pins his arms down with ease. She continues to thrust her hips against him to arouse herself and cause her tentacles to appear. The camera slowly zooms away from the window showing Alex continuing to rape Luke, his screams fading away as he is presumably impregnated.