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Get the f--k out and don’t come back. Heavy s--t’s going down.
~ Alex warning John to leave before the massacre.

Alex, along with Eric, is one of the main villains in the 2003 drama film Elephant.

He was portrayed by Alex Frost.


Alex is a student at Watt High School. He is a typical “quiet kid” who is bullied very often. One day, he orders guns online, and once he receives them, he makes a plan with his friend Eric to bomb the school and shoot and kill all the survivors. He makes out with Eric in the shower, and they head off to school to carry out their plan. When they fail to detonate their bombs, they go with plan B, which is to simply shoot everyone in sight. They enter a library and gun down as many people as they can before moving on to the rest of the school and continuing their massacre. Alex and Eric meet in the cafeteria, and while Eric is in the middle of listing all the people he killed, Alex shoots him and finds two other students hiding in a freezer. He sadistically chooses which student to kill through a game of “eenie meenie miney mo”, and the movie ends before we find out which person he kills.

It is unknown what happens to Alex afterwards, but given the fate of most school shooters, it is very unlikely that he makes it out of the school alive.

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