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What fools. ...and with that, our goal is accomplished.
~ Alex, should the player not stop him from shooting several Ma-non.

Alex is an antagonist from Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Alex is a pale-skinned man with short brown hair and dark clothes.


Alien Nation

After the protagonist receives the "A Concerned Citizen" mission from Alex, they head over to him at West Melville Street in the Commercial District of New LA. Once there, explains that he had an urgent issue he couldn't find help for. Before briefing the player, Alex asks the player how they view New LA which has included a pastiche of alien races. Several of the choices include "romanticize", "praise", and "criticize".

Should the player choose "praise", Alex calls them overshot optimistic and deluded, calling their visions of the city harmful. Alex claims that some Xenos continue to "flout the city's laws" and asks the player if the Xenos should be held accountable for their actions.

Should the player challenge Alex's views, he claims that all who live in New LA have come to live in the city of their own free will and, regardless if they are a guest or a resident, they must uphold the laws and it is what it is to be civilized. If this not is relinquished, there is no future.

He also is upset with the aliens parading around the city like they have been its creators. He then proposes the gathering of each race in order for them attend seminar about his idea of defining his people's customs, starting with the Ma-non. He then asks the player if they would assist him in the effort to raise New LA to a higher standard, this leads to the "Alien Nation" Mission.

After the player accepts the mission, Alex calls the player a kindred spirit and asks them to bring three Ma-non to him while he plans to gather as many as he can.

Should the player tell Alex that the would not "collar" anyone, Alex calls it an unartful turn of phrase. But will hold the seminar the player invites the Ma-non to. After inviting three of them, Alex tells them to head towards the top of Headwater Summit in Primordia where he will hold the seminar as he claims it can be only done there.

Once the player is at the seminar, Alex starts off by asking one of the Ma-non if it would jump off the cliff or get shot, the Ma-Non, Zeedoy, refuses either. In response, Alex tries to shoot Zeedoy. The player has the option to intervene. Should they do so, Alex does not go through with it, but says the player understands nothing and that coming to the planet taught him that the Xenos who destroyed Earth were far from the sole threat. He claims that the Ma-non technology is more dangerous than the Prone and could lead to New LA being wrest from mankind in days leading to it dark future as slaves of their cruel xeno masters.

He insists the xenos should be wiped out before "they can strike" and they can spare mankind "from that hell.". If the player does not see the "truth through reason", force will be the only option. This leads to a fight between the player and Alex where the latter tells them to die with the Ma-non.

After Alex is defeated, he flies off with no one killed.

Should the player not intervene in one of the murders, he will interrogate the second one, Arwae, who tries defend himself by saying that the Ma-non can offer mankind new technology and they wouldn't gain it through these murders. The last one, Wikoye explains he likes humans, but not humans like Alex and tries to flee. Even the player doesn't intervene in this attempted murder, the gunshot will still miss. After the seminar, Alex calls the Ma-non fools and considers his goal accomplished. He then tells the player he hopes this would "educate" the Ma-non and makes a similar speech to if the player did intervene.

Shotgun Diplomacy

The player meets up with Eliza, an optimistic volunteer working to promote community solidarity among all New LA residents, where they learn from her that a number of xenos in New LA were murdered by humans. She and her friends needed help as some people still choose violence.

She hopes to broaden the existing sense of tolerance in order to include their xenoform friends. Asking to backtrack for a moment, she explains that the incident holds back progress and Alex and his followers have formed a militia. She doesn't want anybody to get hurt over this and hopes to discuss this situation like the more rational humans people can be.

This was something Alice agreed with and she insists they play it fair and not shoot someone without at least making an effort to talk. This was something Team Elma had a reputation for. Eliza then asks the player to be a mediator in the talks with the militia in hopes of convincing them that their actions will only hurt the city.

She informs the player that Alex was found hanging out at Balance Rock in Oblivia and is concerned that the lives of more innocent xenoforms are at risk and must stop him.

Confronting Alex at Balance Rock, the man expresses fury about Eliza making her move and will pay for it. He then asks if the player has come to claim the life of another human and calls him a traitor. If the player explains to Alex that they come in peace, Alex expected that he hoped to become fast friends, but was proven wrong.

He calls the player a "sniveling cur" in service to the "idiot woman". Seeing the player wanting to discuss the matter, calls them agreeable and that reasoned debate has been one of humanity's greatest hallmarks. Alex claims that if the player could convince him that their claim is correct, he will acknowledge defeat. The player will seemingly be allowed to walk away in peace and his colleagues will have to stand down.

If the player asserts that all xenoforms are hostile, Alex will ask them if they remember what happened to Earth. He calls the xenos swine for destroying Earth along with ten billion men and women dying. He calls the Ma-non no different than the xenos who destroyed Earth and will destroy New LA if they are not stopped.

He also believes that the player was brainwashed by "their insidious alien technology!". Should the player tell Alex that arms manufacturers prove interspecies corporations, Alex tells them that this cooperation will not last forever and asks the player to look at the history of wars on Earth. Even with just humans, there was still a string of wars fought.

He also proclaims that even with shared biology and language, peace never lasted and that peace between aliens is ludicrous. He then asks the player what claim they will make next. If the player tries to convince Alex that humans cannot survive alone, Alex will not consider the xenos a great asset and New LA might fall.

When Alex seems to have an epiphany about his views, one of his cronies snap him back to his xenophobic views. He then calls the player a fool and asks them if they truly stared into darkness within xenos. He claims xenos kill and pillage with selfish intentions in mind and will never be truly brothers and sisters of humanity. He then calls the player and Eliza his enemies as well for siding with the xenos.

After another fight, Alex yields but tells the player that they cannot stop him and will not matter if the profits the xenos will offer, calling the profits temporary and the xenos an infestation. He then declares his plot to rid New LA of Xenos.

The Line of Fire

During Eliza's speech for peace between humanity and xenos, she gets shot by a sniper in an attempted assassination. Tracing the perpetrator to the administrative district, the player learns that the sniper ran into a garage and flew off in a Skell and took off around the industrial district. Tracking the sniper down to Sylvalum, the sniper is seen attacking a giant monster when he spots the player walking up to him. The sniper claims that all he did was to keep a traitor from selling out to xenos and was trying to protect other humans from xenos.

He then pleads with the player to let him go. If the player asks him who ordered Eliza to be shot, the sniper refuses and tries to kill the player while the monster can wait its turn. When the player comes out victorious, they report the results to Eliza's friend Alice who thanks them for defeating the sniper. She explains that Eliza will be in critical care for a while, but nothing is truly life-threatening and the new parts must be ensured not to cause unexpected effects.

If the player apologizes for failing to keep Eliza safe, Alice explains no one could have stopped the bullet. Before continuing the work in Eliza's absence, Alice tells the player she knows Alex was behind the sniper's attack and he must be stopped in order to make New LA a more peaceful city.

Alex's Last Stand

Following her treatment, Eliza and Alice investigated the people behind the attack on Eliza's speech and found proof that Alex and his followers were responsible. She then asks for the player's help again. Should the player express concern, Eliza tells them she is good as new thanks to the Ma-non who treated her wounds.

Being more eager to stop Alex's plot, she explains that the group fled New LA and are in hiding in order to gather weapons (Skells included) in order to slaughter the xenoforms in the city. Alex and company have to be stopped before an irreparable event happens. She then tells him to speak with Cheche, a Nopon intel dealer who uncovered the ties between Alex and the sniper.

When the player talks with Cheche, they learn that Alex was negotiating with Ganglion forces at Cauldros for his plot. When the player heads there to confront Alex, they are met by Duvel who knew they were trying to interfere with Alex's scheme and humans live to kill each other.

When Duvel asks Alex if she could keep the player as her toy, he tells her to do whatever she likes as long as she doesn't bother him with her laugh. But he first asks her for her help in dealing with the player.

Depending on what choices the player made in a previous mission involving Alex, he will shoot her dead lamenting the fact that his location was found out and would have cast aside the Ganglion forces when they would have no longer been of use but the player and Eliza meddled in his plans. Before dying, Alex explains that he has allies who might ambush the player.


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