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The best thing you fellas can do is stay out of my way.
~ Barnes to Raylan Givens and Tim Gutterson.

Alex Barnes is a one-time character in the FX TV show Justified, seving as the secondary antagonist of the Season Four episode "Truth and Consequences". He is a corrupt FBI agent who assists Mason Goines in kidnapping Eve Munro in order to locate her husband Drew Thompson for his mystery employer.

He was portrayed by Josh Stamberg, who also played Tyler Hayward in WandaVision.


While US marshals Raylan Givens and Tim Gutterson are protecting Eve's house, Barnes arrives and demands they let him see her. Raylan and Tim refuse, believing him to be a mob hitman, but he flashes them his FBI badge and they let him in, not realizing that he is in fact acting as a distraction for Mason, who breaks in and abducts Eve. Meanwhile, Barnes continues to divert the marshal's attention from Eve, telling them that the FBI are taking over the case. After the meeting, Barnes calls Mason and they discuss how well their plan is succeeding.

Barnes later approaches Raylan at the gym, where he is meeting with Randall Kusik. However, Raylan realizes something is amiss, as only Tim and Eve knew he was meeting with Randall, and deduces that he found out from the kidnapped Eve. Raylan then asks Barnes who his employers are, but he responds that he doesn't know them. He then tells him that Eve is being held in a nearby hotel before committing suicide with his own gun before Raylan can arrest him.

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