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Alex Beckinger is an antagonist in Dinomentis also known as Trapped as a Dinosaur. He worked for Professor Theodore Trilo until his death. Alex's past wasn't revealed in either the RP or the book. In truth, he has no interesting backstory. His creators described him as "one of those kids who pick on other kids just to feel better about themselves."


Trapped as a Dinosaur(RP)

The character of Alex did not appear in the RP version but there was a character that inspired his creation. The character was known as Dameon. When the Host of the RP stated he needed an antagonist, the creator of Dameon volunteered. However, Dameon proved to be too powerful and uninteresting. His creator ignored any attacks on Dameon and made sure everyone knew about Dameon's attacks on the other characters. Eventually, everyone else in the RP ignored him and the character disappeared. In a way, Dameon's creator was indirectly responsible for the creation of Professor Theodore Trilo as the host of the RP became unsatisfied with Dameon and had to create his own antagonist.


Alex Beckinger first appeared as a human in Raff's class. He was a somewhat stereotypical bully. He pulled Raff's chair away as he tried to sit down then mocked him for it. He claimed he had to work for Trilo during his presentation in order to pass his class. When something supposedly went wrong he was seen operating the projector.

Alex was next seen in his Dilophosaurus body. He was after CF and used a Microraptor pack to hunt him down. He was joyful to see Raf, Sam, and Rosaline stating he would be rewarded for bringing them in. Soon enough he began to flirt with Rosaline admitting he loves it when girls fight back indicating he has possibly raped someone in the past. He was attacked by Raff. In the attack, Sam kicked him sending smacking against a tree. The device he used to control the Microraptor's was destroyed and he fled.

He returned with a large group of dinosaurs. While the dinosaurs captured the rest of the group. He fought Raff and eventually won. However, on the way to Trilo's fortress, the vehicle he used was attacked by a large Giganatosaurus. Most of the other dinosaurs were killed. CF climbed into the cab looking for the keys to the cages his friends were in. Alex grabbed him and attempted to consume him only to be eaten by the Giganatosaurus himself.

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