Alex Grand

Alex Grand

Alex Grand is an evil rich man with a dream of world domination and he is the most terrible of villains in the 2012 cartoon series Nutri Ventures (also known as "Nutri Ventures – The Quest for the 7 Kingdoms").

He is the founder, owner, and leader of both his evil namesake corporation Grand Corporation, and his own city called Grandland. He destroyed all the foods and became rich and powerful. He tried to force people eat only Genex-100, a high calorie compound manufactured by his Grand Corporation. His plan to take over the world was going well until a group of heroes crossed his path which frustrates him and he will do anything to stop them from fulfilling their mission.



  • Alex Grand has a father named Murdock who is a great master nutritionist and founder of the Nutri-Genex Corporation and he is not as evil as his greedy son. Before he died, he had a terrible vision of the future and wisely charged Nexus with saving all the foods.
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