Alex Grey is an Admiral of the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance Navy and is the secondary antagonist of Killzone Mercenary.


Early Life

Alex Grey was born on Vekta to a military family. She joined the Naval Academy and was soon promoted to Admiral in the year 2349. She had served two campaigns the Delta Pavonis and Omicron Eridani campaigns. She had been promoted very fast after years of training and military service. She was friends with the Vetkan Ambassador Sepp Harkin and sent him to start a diplomatic outreach towards the Helghan Empire specifically, the Helghast Leader Scolar Visari in order to avoid war but negotiations failed and she became the Commanding Officer of all ISA Forces in Diortem during the Invasion of Vekta officially stating the Second Extrasolar War.

Seige of Diortem

During the Battle of Diortem, Grey was the leading commanding officer of the ISA troops stationed in Diortem during the invasion by the Helghast Military. At one point she was captured by Vyktor Kratek and was held prisoner within a building held by Helghast troops. ISA Leaders were soon forced to hire the Phantom Talon Corp to help rescue her and so, two phantom mercenaries were sent in to help save her. Grey was soon shocked in horror after three ISA soldiers were murdered by poison gas that Kratek used to get her to crack when Danner and Ivanov came in and he shot her and left. Grey survived, but was critically injured and was carried by Ivanov on their way out.

Invasion of Helghan

10 years later in 2359, Admiral Grey had fully recovered and was back in action as she was one of the leaidng commanders of the ISA Forces during the first wave of attacks against Visari during Operation Archangel. She had hired the PTC again, this time with the goal of disabling Helghast Arc Cannons that were keeping the ISA Forces from advancing deep into Helghan. She sent in Arran Danner at one point to the Vektan Embassy in Pyrrhus where the ambassador Secc Harkin was hiding at and soon was shocked to discover that her longitme friend was killed during a Helghast Military raid on the embassy. She then had the ambassador's son get rescued and left Danner to die until Kratek came in and got him. She is then the antagonist for the rest of the game's campagin.



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