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Alex Gutiérrez is the main antagonist of the Disney Channel TV series BIA. He is one of the two main antagonists (along with Carmín Laguardia) in Season 1 and the main antagonist-turned-anti-hero and protagonist in Season 2. Alex is an influencer who joins LAIX, one of the most important networks worldwide, in order to further boost his channel's popularity.

He is portrayed by Guido Messina.


Early life

As a child, Alex would always give candies to every girl in his Kindergarten school.

On his teenage years, his brother Lucas was killed in a car accident and his other brother Victor was bound to a wheelchair on their way to a concert for their band Moondust. Around that time, his parents, Paula and Antonio, never paid any attention to him, specially his mother, the most devastated, who left everything to take care of Victor while Antonio worked all day in order to provide food and shelter for them, causing Alex to feel left out as if Lucas' death never affected him at all. For this reason, Alex created a channel of his own SoyAlex since he saw it as an escape of his loneliness to try and be recognized as someone important.

He has also ever since blamed Helena, who was allegedly driving during the accident, for his brother's death and sided with his mother on her hatred for the Urquizas.

Season 1

Part 1

Alex first appeared with his cousin Manuel arriving at the opening of FUNDOM where he had eyes for Bia, who was also in attendance with her two best friends Chiara and Celeste. When they were only given two unclaimed tickets for the event, Alex offered to give up his own in order for Bia to enjoy the presentation with her friends. He tries to ask her out, but Bia is not interested and repeatedly turns him down. Later on, he is offered to join LAIX, the most prestigious network worldwide and, without a second thought, Alex immediately accepts the offer and quickly abandons FUNDOM, while also distancing himself from Manuel, who used to help him a lot with his videos, and meeting Carmín Laguardia, the most famous but arrogant and self-absorbed influencer at the network, led by unscrupulous CEO Marcos Golden, who often disregards Manuel's ideas for Alex's videos when he tries to intervene on some ocassions and mistakenly refers to him as "Mario". This offended Manuel and warned Alex that Marcos is not a good influence for him, but is ignored as well.

Sometime later, everyone is shocked to see a video about Bia supposedly making fun of Alex's arrogant nature, which was posted by a rumor channel "I Know What You Did" and its owner only adressing themselves with the pseudoynm "The Cobra". However, it turns out that Bia was only talking o Chiara and Celeste about how Alex tried many times to hit on her and that she wasn't interested in him, but the video was edited to make it look like she wanted to provoke him. Because of this, Alex gets the wrong conclusion about and confronts her for all the things she said about him in the video like "Mega-irritating" or "Mega-ego", despite Bia unsuccessfully trying to explain the situation. To make matters worse, Alex uses Bia's weak point, which is singing (and gave up following her sister's death to treasure the bond between them), and does so by stealing a video from Manuel that shows her singing in the park, posting it on his profile and causing Bia to become angry at Manuel for betraying her trust. Manuel confronts Alex at his home (for what he did) and then LAIX for having lied about not knowing that Bia could not sing in public, almost leading to a physical fight, which is broken up by Guillermo, resulting in Manuel getting barred from entering LAIX. Alex also starts dating Carmín, although they initially decide to keep their relationship a secret from their followers.

As time passes, Alex and Manuel have not spoken to each other following the incident with Bia, who sympathizes with Manuel for the reason why he was unable to delete the video, but is still hurt for what he did. After Bia forgives Manuel when he publicly sings to her at FUNDOM, Alex goes with his family in order for Victor to sign with the record label to grant permission for the Moondust songs to be digitally released. However, Alex is infuriated and Manuel appalled to find out that Bia is Helena's sister, whom he blames for his brother Lucas' death, when they come face to face with her and her parents, thus earning himself more of an enemy out of Bia.

Part 2

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Part 3

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Season 2

Part 1

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Part 2

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Alex is very social yet also self-centered. He doesn't really focus on the needs of others, and wants to get everything he desires. He is ambitious and confident. He often flirts with girls and makes jokes.



  • Antonio Gutiérrez (father)
  • Paula Gutiérrez (mother)
  • René (paternal grandmother)
  • Unnamed aunt
  • Claudio (second cousin)
  • Victor Gutiérrez (brother)
  • Lucas Gutiérrez † (brother)
  • Manuel Gutiérrez (paternal half-brother; former enemy)


  • Bia Urquiza (former love interest, on his side; former enemy turned friend)
  • Carmín Laguardia (girlfriend; former enemy)
  • Celeste Quinterro
  • Chiara Callegri
  • Daisy Durant
  • Pietro Benedetto
  • Pixie Ocaranta
  • Guillermo Ruiz
  • Jandino (former enemy)
  • Aillén
  • Luan


  • Mara Morales (ex-girlfriend; former accomplice and colleague turned enemy)
  • Marcos Golden (superior turned enemy)
  • Jhon Caballero (formerly)
  • Helena Urquiza (formerly; blamed for the accident)
  • Mariano Urquiza (formerly)
  • Alice Urquiza (formerly)