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Alex Gutiérrez is a major character in the Disney Channel Latin American original TV series BIA, serving as one of the four main antagonists (alongside Carmín Laguardia, Marcos Golden and Paula Gutiérrez) of the first and second parts of the first season, one of the three main antagonists (alongside Marcos Golden and Antonio Gutiérrez) of both the third part and first part of the second season and a major anti-hero turned protagonist of the second part.

Alex is an influencer who joins LAIX, one of the most important networks worldwide, in order to further boost his channel's popularity.

He is portrayed by Guido Messina.


Early life

As a child, Alex would always give candies to every girl in his Kindergarten school.

On his teenage years, his adoptive brother Lucas was killed in a car accident and his other adoptive brother Victor was bound to a wheelchair on their way to a concert for their band Moondust. Around that time, his adoptive parents, Paula and Antonio, never paid any attention to him, specially his mother, the most devastated, who left everything to take care of Victor while Antonio worked all day in order to provide food and shelter for them, causing Alex to feel left out as if Lucas' death never affected him at all. For this reason, Alex created a channel of his own SoyAlex since he saw it as an escape of his loneliness to try and be recognized as someone important.

He has also ever since blamed Helena, who was allegedly driving during the accident, for his adoptive brother's death and sided with his adoptive mother on her hatred for the Urquizas.

Season 1

Part 1

Alex first appeared with his adoptive cousin Manuel arriving at the opening of FUNDOM where he had eyes for Bia, who was also in attendance with her two best friends Chiara and Celeste. When they were only given two unclaimed tickets for the event, Alex offered to give up his own in order for Bia to enjoy the presentation with her friends. He tries to ask her out, but Bia is not interested and repeatedly turns him down. Later on, he is offered to join LAIX, the most prestigious network worldwide and, without a second thought, Alex immediately accepts the offer and quickly abandons FUNDOM, while also distancing himself from Manuel, who used to help him a lot with his videos, and meeting Carmín Laguardia, the most famous but arrogant and self-absorbed influencer at the network, led by unscrupulous CEO Marcos Golden, who often disregards Manuel's ideas for Alex's videos when he tries to intervene on some ocassions and mistakenly refers to him as "Mario". This offended Manuel and warned Alex that Marcos is not a good influence for him, but is ignored as well.

Sometime later, everyone is shocked to see a video about Bia supposedly making fun of Alex's arrogant nature, which was posted by a rumor channel "I Know What You Did" and its owner only adressing themselves with the pseudoynm "The Cobra". However, it turns out that Bia was only talking o Chiara and Celeste about how Alex tried many times to hit on her and that she wasn't interested in him, but the video was edited to make it look like she wanted to provoke him. Because of this, Alex gets the wrong conclusion about and confronts her for all the things she said about him in the video like "Mega-irritating" or "Mega-ego", despite Bia unsuccessfully trying to explain the situation. To make matters worse, Alex uses Bia's weak point, which is singing (and gave up following her sister's death to treasure the bond between them), and does so by stealing a video from Manuel that shows her singing in the park, posting it on his profile and causing Bia to become angry at Manuel for betraying her trust. Manuel confronts Alex at his home (for what he did) and then LAIX for having lied about not knowing that Bia could not sing in public, almost leading to a physical fight, which is broken up by Guillermo, resulting in Manuel getting barred from entering LAIX. Alex also starts dating Carmín, although they initially decide to keep their relationship a secret from their followers.

As time passes, Alex and Manuel have not spoken to each other following the incident with Bia, who sympathizes with Manuel for the reason why he was unable to delete the video, but is still hurt for what he did. After Bia forgives Manuel when he publicly sings to her at FUNDOM, Alex goes with his family in order for Victor to sign with the record label to grant permission for the Moondust songs to be digitally released. However, Alex is infuriated and Manuel appalled to find out that Bia is Helena's sister, whom he blames for his adoptive brother Lucas' death, when they come face to face with her and her parents, thus earning himself more of an enemy out of Bia.

Part 2

After finding out this piece of information, Alex becomes more determined, wishing for nothing more than keeping both Bia and Manuel apart. When Paula demands that Manuel tell Victor to stop seeing the Urquizas, Alex walks in and reveals to her that he's in love with Bia, angering Paula who gives Manuel an ultimatum: staying away from Bia or face the consequences of his actions by threatening to kick him out of their house. Manuel initially complies with this, not wanting to leave Victor, his good-natured cousing, by himself because of their good relationship, which Paula openly disapproves and accuses Manuel of reminding Victor of his past trauma through his music. Alex, on the other hand, starts a relationship with Carmín that is cruising right along, with them perfectly understanding each other, both professionally and personally. They also disagreed with Marcos's recommendation of having Bia sing at the CyberGold party; Alex blackmails Bia by threatening to tell everyone about her sister Helena's alleged role in his adoptive brother Lucas's death. Despite her best friends Celeste and Chiara wanting to withdraw for the sake of Bia's family, Bia, nonetheless, refuses to let Alex win and decides to take matters into her own hands by going to LAIX for her to personally talk to Marcos. Despite Carmín and Guillermo, Marcos's assistant, refusing to allow her in unless she gets an appointment, Bia ignores them sliding the door to Marco's office. Marcos greets her and Bia tells him about the threat Alex made to her to keep from singing at CyberGold; Marcos promises that he would settle the matter with Alex. As expected, Marcos reprimands Alex for refusing to let Bia sing for his own personal gain and decides to not let him participate, much to his anger. Alex relays this information to Carmín, who is quick to tell him that Bia was at LAIX and had tipped Marcos off. The day of the CyberGold, Paula forbids Manuel from going to the party because of Bia, reminding him of the promise she made to him of kicking him out. Alex is finally allowed to sing with Carmín since the previous measure Marcos took was only to teach him a lesson. Manuel goes to the party anyway and kisses Bia for the first time, before being nearly caught by Alex but saved by his friend Jhon at the last minute. Despite this, Alex tells Paula what Manuel did and stays true to her word in having him kicked out of the house. However, Manuel, after thinking it through, decides to return because of Victor, although only him and Antonio are happy to have him back.

Meanwhile, Alex's relationship with Carmín starts waning when she loses most of her followers day-by-day, because of a video she made regarding a fake foundation to save a bird in danger of extinction, which was all planned by her assistant Mara, who greatly despises her because of her poor treatment towards her, although Alex is oblivious about this. Mara tells Alex to keep contact away from Carmín because everyone would think that he is supporting her actions and that would ruin his image as a result. Alex follows suit and starts avoiding her, without telling her the true reason why. After some time, Alex meets with Carmín and breaks up with her. Alex is also accused by Manuel for supposedly putting a banner in front of the Urquizas's house branding Helena a murderer for Lucas's death, which he truthfully denies knowing about. In reality, it was Mara herself who had put the banner, but Alex doesn't know this yet and, despite his hatred for the family, decides to investigate who this culprit is.

Part 3

Alex watches a video of Carmín telling her followers that she had broken up with him, offending Alex because he was the one who made the decision and knows she is only doing this to regain the trust of her followers. To get back at Carm, Alex records a video in which he plays the victim. He warns Jandino that the same would happen to him, although Jandino ignores him, believing that deep down Carmín is a good person. Alex keeps on investigating the culprit behind the banner, initially suspecting Carmín when finding in her cloth rack the clothes they were using, not knowing that Mara deliberately left it there to frame her; Carmín denies this, stating that she doesn't waste her time with Bia. Alex finds another lead from some fans of his, a ringtone of the culprit's phone, which he quickly recognizes but doesn't who it belongs to. He finally finds out that Mara put the banner after hearing the ringtone from her phone and confronts her about it, although Alex keeps the information between Mara and himself, probably out of his hatred of Bia and Manuel.

After a video of a singer using Chiara's voice is posted on LAIX, Chiara realizes that Marcos had tricked her and demands that he delete it immediately. Marcos agrees to remove the video, but on the condition that Bia has to accept a collaboration with Alex if the demands are to be met. Bia is forced to accept this for Chiara's sake; Chiara feels guilty for the trouble she has got Bia in, but Bia says it doesn't matter, citing that this was all Marcos's fault for making the proposal to Chiara in the first place. Manuel also finds out about this piece of information and, despite being unable to hide his jealousy while watching them rehearse, he completely understands why is Bia doing this, finding Alex to be unbearable to work with. The video is eventually finished and uploaded, but Paula accidentally sees it, prompting her to fly into her hateful rage believing that Alex has betrayed her as well, despite the latter trying to assure that he was only following orders at his workplace and did not actually wanted to have anything to do with Bia. Nevertheless, Paula shows up at the Urquizas's residence to confront Alice, Bia's mother, about the video; Alice also tries to tell her that it is just that: a video. Paula keeps on throwing off-handed insults and Alice demands that she leave. Both families later meet, per Mariano's request, but neither is able to get in a peaceful agreement, ending with Paula threatening Alice again and accidentally pushing her to the ground in her rush to leave. Manuel announces that his adoptive mother intends for them to go back to Spain, making Alex glad that he won't have to see him again. However, he ends up staying, to his anger and tells Paula, who becomes emotional at this and reveals to Alex that Manuel is not actually his adoptive cousin, but his adoptive brother, and that Antonio is Manuel's father, much to his great shock.

Season 2

Part 1

Alex is still in LAIX and has started a relationship with Mara, having moved on from Carmín. He is also involved in Marcos's recent scheme of hacking the FUNDOM, erasing any content they post and copying their ideas for their own personal gain, and then frame Carmín, who has coincidentally arrived at FUNDOM the very same moment when Bia and her friends posted their recent BeU video, causing them to suspect Carmín, who truthfully denies having erased it. Meanwhile, Alex confronts Antonio over the fact about Manuel, that he is Antonio's son and Alex's adoptive brother, but nevertheless opts to not share the information to Manuel for Paula's own sake. During the MoonDust album release event, a fight erupts between Alice and Paula when the former brings up the accusations against Helena, to which Paula felt provoked and in fury started attacking the Urquizas, leading Alice to throw a drink at her, and the two keep on getting in a scuffle over the microphone. Antonio tries to separate them (yet the Urquizas believe he was worsening everything), to no avail, while Alex gleefully records everything on his cellphone. The angered Bia doesn't tolerate this and responds by throwing his cellphone in a glass of water; Manuel calls her out at this, stating that her family was wrong in mishandling the situation. The two consequently fight the next day while defending their families, even though the true culprits were Alex and Paula themselves.

Intent on getting revenge, Alex tricks Manuel into stating that Helena is to blame for the accident, while secretly recording him and anonymously sending the video to the gossip channel "I Know What You Did", which is edited out of context with only Manuel saying the expected sentence. Because of this, Bia starts doubting him, offending Manuel, leading Bia to later apologize to him. Manuel confronts Alex for setting him up, almost leading to a fight between them when Alex provokes him and Manuel pushes him, to which Alex dares him to fight back; Manuel refuses to retaliate and promises that one day he will regret the mistakes he's made. Unknown to either of them, their argument was recorded and sent to the Cobra, painting Manuel as a 'wolf in sheep's clothing'. The video is seen by the outraged Paula who blames Antonio for Manuel's behaviour. After Alex posts a video playing the victim about the war between the families to gain more followers, Manuel feels provoked and again tries to confront Alex, but is stopped from doing so by Pietro, reminding him of the previous encounter when Alex set him up. To make things worse, Mariano forbids Bia from seeing Manuel again, believing he sides with his family and will hurt her. Bia, of course, refuses to stop seeing him and the two agree to keep dating in secret, making everyone believe that they are taking a break from their relationship, save with their closest friends, Victor, Celeste and Chiara. However, after they are caught on their lie by Mara, she relays this information to Alex, who does everything in his power to expose both of them, recording some incrimanting videos implicating them; He fails on his first two attempts, when a passer-by bumps into Alex and makes him drop his cellphone, which breaks again, then sends another video to Mariano, albeit in a bid to distract Manuel in the investigation of his father and prevent him from finding out that it's Antonio. Victor casually walks in on them and tips Bia off, leading her to quickly erase the video from her father's phone. Furious, Alex lashes out at Victor for messing with him and calling both him and Manuel 'traitors' for aligning themselves with the Urquizas.

As a final act of revenge, Alex, remembering that LAIX has control over the entire FUNDOM, uses the hacking to lure Bia's parents to FUNDOM by posing as her through text messages. The plan works and their cover is blown, though Bia and her friends would later gain the last laugh after Marcos is exposed as the mastermind behind the hacking, thanks to Carmín (whose name is cleared) who has entered LAIX as a mole to retrieve the evidence implicating him. Mariano and Alice are upset at Bia for lying to them about Manuel, mostly the former who grounds her as a result, but Bia instead seeks solace at the Kunst Residence, frustrated that they won't listen to her, although she later returns home, yet Mariano remains distrustful of Manuel. Alex confronts Carmín for her actions, realizing that Mara was right about not trusting her. Still, Alex still teams up with Antonio to keep Manuel from the truth about his father; He deliberately punctures one of the tires of Antonio's car and has Mara pose as Bia to make it look like she is the one committing the crime as another distraction for Manuel and make him doubt Bia's honesty. As it was all recorded by security cameras, Antonio passes the video to Manuel, who confronts Bia about it, and is offended that he is distrusting her, although he later apologizes, once again realizing that it was all Alex's fault to keep them separated. This doesn't end here when the video is published to "I Know What You Did", leading the furious Mariano to confront the Gutierrezes, also revealing Antonio's termination from his job (though Alex already knew beforehand). Antonio swears revenge on the Urquizas for this by denouncing them to the police. They arrive to take Bia and her parents and are released when the confirm their innocence, leading Antonio to withdraw the complaint. Later, Alex gives him another idea: through fake police documents, Antonio makes Manuel believe that his father is a dangerous criminal currently imprisoned and that he and his mother Lucía made him believe he was dead to protect him. Alex and Antonio's actions eventually cause Bia and Manuel to break up as to not keep harming each other, even though they are both unable to hide how much they miss each other.

However, all of their attempts prove to be futile as Manuel keeps on investigating his father, asking Víctor's grandmother about it, and she reveals that there is no Sergio Gutiérrez that might be Manuel's father, then asking his adoptive mother to confirm whether his father is a criminal or not; Lucía denies this and personally arrives to Buenos Aires to inform Manuel that Antonio is actually his father. Victor found out beforehand after overhearing Antonio, but did not have the courage to tell him. Alex and Victor have a fallout about this, with Victor warning him that he is being used and Alex bluntly stating that Manuel means nothing to him and he never will. As for Alex, Manuel becomes his manager at LAIX, although his methods to handle his career are quite questionable. After The Cobra exposes Mara's role in destroying Carmín's career back in LAIX, Antonio orders Alex to stay away from her, echoing Mara's previous words to Alex when Carmín went through the same situation, but this time Alex opts to stay with her. At the same time, he starts developing feelings for Carmín when she starts visiting the Gutierrez household for some yoga classes with Paula, who started working again given that Victor no longer needed her. Mara cannot hide her jealousy for this and Paula strongly dislikes her. Carmín later asks Alex about his feud with Manuel; Alex tells her that his family is not as perfect as it is and Carmín, although doesn't have to keep giving her the details, lets him know that he can count on her for anything and Alex responds by kissing her.

Part 2

To be added


Alex is very social yet also self-centered. He doesn't really focus on the needs of others, and wants to get everything he desires. He is ambitious and confident. He often flirts with girls and makes jokes.



  • Antonio Gutiérrez (adoptive father)
  • Paula Gutiérrez (adoptive mother)
  • René (paternal adoptive grandmother)
  • Unnamed adoptive aunt
  • Claudio (second adoptive cousin)
  • Victor Gutiérrez (adoptive brother)
  • Lucas Gutiérrez † (adoptive brother)
  • Manuel Gutiérrez (paternal adoptive half-brother; former enemy)


  • Bia Urquiza (former love interest, on his side; former enemy turned friend)
  • Carmín Laguardia (ex-girlfriend; former enemy)
  • Celeste Quinterro
  • Chiara Callegri
  • Daisy Durant
  • Pietro Benedetto
  • Pixie Ocaranta
  • Guillermo Ruiz
  • Jandino (former enemy)
  • Aillén
  • Luan


  • Mara Morales (ex-girlfriend; former accomplice and colleague turned enemy)
  • Marcos Golden (superior turned enemy)
  • Jhon Caballero (formerly)
  • Helena Urquiza (formerly; blamed for the accident)
  • Mariano Urquiza (formerly)
  • Alice Urquiza (formerly)