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~ Alex Standall to Bryce Walker.
~ Alex Standall at his own birthday party.
We were never friends.
~ Alex Standall to Bryce Walker on the final episode of the third season of 13 Reasons Why.

Alexander "Alex" Standall is a main character in the Netflix Original series 13 Reasons Why, appearing as a supporting protagonist in the first two seasons and an anti-villain in the third season.

Alex Standall has been going through violent outbursts and instigating fights in Liberty High along with contributing to the "Hot or Not" list which misled Jessica Davis into blaming Hannah Baker for the breakup between her and Alex. He attempts suicide, unable to come to grips with what he has done, but survives his attempt. Throughout the second season, Alex attempts to recollect his past during the Hannah Baker trials.

In the third season, Alex is revealed to be Bryce Walker's killer, with Jessica as his accomplice, feeling remorse that Bryce had hurt all of his friends. He worked with the rest of the remaining members of the Baker's Dozen at Liberty High to cover up his involvement by framing Montgomery de la Cruz.

He is portrayed by Miles Heizer.


Alex had broken up with Jessica Davis because Jessica Davis wouldn't have sex with him, and then he made a "Hot or Not" list involving Hannah Baker which misled Jessica Davis into blaming Hannah Baker for the breakup between her and Jessica Davis. Eventually, Alex spent time in a party with Montgomery de la Cruz and overheard the screams from Hannah Baker being raped by Bryce Walker and assumed that it was a "desperate slut". Eventually, Alex realizes that Hannah Baker got raped and told Montgomery that they could have stopped it. Montgomery continued to threaten Alex and countless others involved in the Baker's Dozen who would object or report against Bryce Walker in a way to have Bryce protected.

Alex Standall had also gotten into a fight with Montgomery after Alex almost got hit by Monty's car. Alex picks a fight with Montgomery leading to Monty using his whole strength to fight back and beat Alex Standall in the face leaving him with severe wounds. Alex has also been in legal trouble that his father Deputy Standall knew about with him drinking and driving under the influence and being confronted by his own father with a warning until being in an eventual car crash.

Alex Standall eventually couldn't take the grief and used a gun (possibly from either Tyler Down or his father) to commit suicide with. He missed on the first shot and the bullet hit the window hitting to his head which gave him brain damage that led to him forgetting about almost anything to do with not being able to prevent what happened with Hannah Baker. After Alex reading his suicidal note and getting into a closer fight with Montgomery he regains his memories about what Alex wished he could have prevented with Hannah Baker's rape with Bryce. Alex Standall tries to make an effort to support Jessica Davis, Justin Foley, and countless others.

Alex Standall was given a gun from Monty to commit suicide with along with being made fun of and harshly scorned for by both Monty himself and Bryce which led to the fights and violent outbursts. Starting from Alex Standall yelling "F-CK YOU! YOU F-CKING RAPIST!" to Bryce, Monty, and Scott Reed. Along with threatening Monty at gunpoint for the polaroids in Season 2.

For season 3, In a short summary, Alex's pathway has been going downhill. Alex and Jessica Davis meet Bryce to get something that Walker was going to offer. They eventually see Bryce injured with his legs broken. Bryc eventually gives the thing he promised to offer to Jessica a tape similar to Hannah Baker's. And Bryce begged and pleaded for his life to be saved by the two of them. Jessica tells Standall not to help Bryce saying that Zach Dempsey who beaten up Bryce will go to jail if they help him. While Standall makes the argument back that Zach will go to jail if Bryce freezes to death on the floor. Alex tries to hold Bryce helping him up. Bryce kept saying stuff about how he would destroy Zach. Alex Standall taking matters into his own hands with Bryce Walker by saying that he 'wouldn't hurt anybody anymore.', throwing Bryce off of the balcony bridge to fall into the ocean river and slowly drown to death. Davis and Standall go back to the car. Alex says that he 'loves Jessica', in which Jessica told him that he wouldn't say anything like that anymore. Confirming that Jessica Davis is breaking up with Alex Standall for good.


Alex Standall's personality is insecure like Tyler Down but more wrathful, making him capable of starting violent fights with people like Monty de la Cruz. Alex Standall would go out his way to protect any of his closest friends in Liberty High. Even if it meant merely going out their way to threaten another student (Monty) with a knife to protect Tyler from Monty. Alex Standall has become more upset with Jessica Davis liking Justin Foley more than him and had eventually got into getting juiced up (like with Justin Foley when still becoming an addict during the second and third seasons) taking certain drugs in the process and working out and doing boxing with Tony Padilla. Alex Standall deals with a lot of troubles with mental health that he broke down at his own birthday party and went on a loud outbursting rant contemplating suicide before being interrupted by Jessica Davis for Alex Standall being an 'a**hole'. Alex Standall was suicidal for the time being and wanted to kill himself after going through the evaluation and therapy for his physical and mental health. It would eventually lead to Alex feeling so vengeful against Bryce and Monty.

After killing Bryce, Alex clearly felt remorse for what he did as shown when he and the rest of the group watched Bryce's type to Jessica. Despite this, he still goes through with framing Monty instead of confessing to his crime, showing little to no guilt while doing so. Overall, Alex is a kind yet insecure and wrathful young man who will do anything to protect his friends even if it means murder.

Villainous Roles

  • Alex Standall drove under the influence and was caught and pulled over by his father who gave him a simple warning, eventually leading into an ultimate vehicle collision.
  • Alex Standall threatens Monty going into a great number of fights with Monty.
    • When confronting Monty for giving him a pistol to commit suicide with again, Alex uses the gun on Monty to forcibly ordering him to reveal the whereabouts of the polaroids.
    • Alex Standall threatens Monty with a knife in the bathroom after witnessing Tyler being picked on by Monty.
  • Alex Standall breaks and enters into a home that was supposed to be Bryce's father's home but was the wrong home. Even though Alex Standall went into the house, he contributed to a Home Invasion and Peace Disturbance.
  • Alex has the murder he committed murder on Bryce pinned against Monty. Even though Monty has done unforgivable things in the second season. Alex has had a death that he committed pinned on a person that did not even commit the murder.



  • In spite of the fact that Alex Standall is the one to be responsible for having Bryce Walker murdered. Montgomery de la Cruz has been pinned as the murder suspect being blamed for the death of Bryce Walker.


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