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"You had no right taking him off like that without permission!"
~ Alex Swinton threatening Roy Cropper and Hayley Cropper when they stop him from bullying Wayne Hayes to the point of abusing or hurting him.

Alex Swinton is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. He is a minor antagonist in 2001 who appears as the abusive stepfather of Wayne Hayes, a relative of established characters Roy Cropper and Hayley Cropper.

He was portrayed by Joe Simpson.


First appearing on the series in 2001, Alex Swinton is transpired to be an abusive bully who domestically torments both his wife Shelia Hayes and her young son Wayne Hayes over a long period of time. This escalated to the point where Alex beat them up besides just merely controlling them.

At somepoint, Alex's abusive antics catch the attention of Wayne's distant relatives Roy Cropper and Hayley Cropper. They see how Wayne doesn't like being with Alex due to his abusive nature and they wish to adopt him, but Alex forces Shelia to protest against their proposal. Overtime, Alex begins hassling the Croppers and Wayne when they get along together. He even tries to enforce them to give him money, but eventually Roy and Hayley stand up to Alex and tell him that he will never have contact with Wayne again. Alex tries to take Wayne by force, but Wayne's friend David Platt alerts his father Martin Platt about this and Alex Swinton is forced to leave.

After failing to take Wayne back by force, Alex reports Roy and Hayley for abducting Wayne and the couple are taken into police custody. Roy brands Alex a "monster" when Hayley is remanded in custody and undergoes a traumatic prison stint. This lasts briefly when Alex beats up Shelia at one point, and she finally decides to take up Wayne's encouragement to report his abuse to the police. Roy takes them to the police station, where Alex arrives to try and stop her. But she stands up to him and refuses. Alex tries to stop her by force, but is restrained by the police and gets arrested for his monstrous behavior. Alex is later imprisoned for his actions off-screen.



  • In 2019, when Wayne reappears on the show after a near two decade absence, he mention Alex when telling Roy about how proud he is to have turned his life around from the ordeal Alex put them through back in 2001.