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Villain Overview

What the f-ck are you waiting fo-
~ Alex Davis' last words before the Son kills her.
Alright, we're on the roof now! How are things going for you, guys? ... Hello? ... Is anyone there? ... Guys?
~ Ash Davis unsuccessfully trying to contact the rest of the Fans.

Alex Davis and Ash Davis, also known as The Swans, are playable protagonists of the top-down shooter video game Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. As twin brother and sister, Alex and Ash are inseparable members of The Fans, a group of copycat spree killers wearing animal masks who slaughter criminal gangs for fun to emulate Jacket's murders. The street smart Alex uses a chainsaw in combat, while the tech savvy Ash uses guns to cover his sister.


Like the rest of the Fans, Alex and Ash are ruthless, homicidal and incredibly violent. They have a twisted obsession with Jacket which they express by emulating his killing sprees, viciously slaughtering criminals for thrills and infamy. Unlike the other Fans however, the pair are twins siblings, thus sharing an inseparable bond similar to that of actual swans. They always look out for each other during their rampages and never seem to share any bad blood with each other aside from minor bickering. Their care for each other is, of course, best exemplified when Alex cries out for Ash when the Son kills him, giving up and defiantly goading the Son into killing her too. In addition, the siblings also both seem to care for their friends in spite of occasional arguments, having shared their company with them since the days of Hawaii.

Alex is shown to be a rather brash woman during cutscenes, occasionally arguing with Tony and generally having a bad attitude. During the Fans' killing sprees, Alex is arguably the most viscerally cruel of the Fans, using her chainsaw to rip criminals apart in creative, messy ways and even goes as far as to crush the Henchman's crotch underneath her boot during his brutal execution. Of the team, Alex seems to possess some street smarts, scouting for criminal hideouts and indirectly uncovering the gang-owned hideout in the sewer, arguably the largest criminal operation uncovered by the group until they crossed paths with the Russian Mafia. However, Alex seems to be quite clumsy when avoiding the police, foolishly suggesting that the Fans should get a copy of the news report on the Fans' activities at the news station, attracting the attention of Manny Pardo and being somewhat unnerved by his presence. Alex is possibly shown to be something of a drug addict, buying and growing marijuana, constantly preparing and smoking joints, and is implied to go along with the killing sprees to hoard drugs stashed at criminal hideouts. Regardless of her negative aspects, Alex cares for her brother and seems to be deeply hurt by his death.

Ash is generally one of the more intelligent members of the Fans, being adept with technology and mechanics, implying a history with hardware. One of the most involved in the planning of the Fans' raids besides Tony himself, Ash often scouts around Miami looking for hideouts to raid and frequently gets into arguments with Tony over the group's planning to the point of being abrasive. Besides helping out his sister and killing criminals for the same fame Jacket obtained, Ash most frequently goes along with the Fans' killing sprees to help out his friends and loan favors. This is something that also causes him to clash with Tony, who is more interested in killing due to the group's deep obsession with Jacket and to get a rush out of the action. Ash himself is no stranger to violence however, gladly joining his sister in their killing sprees by gunning criminals down, and being the one to drag the Henchman onto a table so the Fans could rip the drug-addled mobster apart. His obsession with Jacket isn't completely absent either, as he is always up for going on rampages when a plan for one arises, and is ecstatic when he receives the Son's phone call giving him the address to the Russian Mafia's headquarters, something similar in vein to 50 Blessings' phone calls.


Since they are twins, Alex and Ash are strikingly similar in appearance, sharing similar facial structures, blonde hair and green eyes. In addition, both siblings wear near identical outfits, which include light green and orange sports gear, dark green jeans and numbered swan masks that they wear during each of their levels. The two are an inseparable pair, rarely ever seen without each other's company.

Alex is a young woman with messy blonde hair she keeps tied up in a bun, baggy green eyes that are obscured by her fringe and glossy pink lips. She wears a swan mask with "1" marked on its forehead in purple paint, light green, short-sleeved sports gear on her upper torso, an orange backpack, a pair of orange fingerless gloves, a pair of dark green jeans, orange knee pads and a pair of brown shoes. She always brings an orange chainsaw with her during the Fans' levels. In Hawaii, she wears a typical dark green soldier's uniform and a dark green backpack similar to the one she wears in 1991. During "Into the Pit", Alex wears a casual light green shirt with a red logo on the front and a pair of light blue jeans.

Ash is a young man with a clean-shaven head, green eyes, blonde eyebrows and pink lips. He wears a swan mask with "2" marked on its forehead in purple paint, light green, shortsleeved sports gear on his upper torso, orange shoulder pads, a pair of orange fingerless gloves, a pair of dark green jeans, orange knee pads and a pair of brown shoes. He always starts the Fans' levels out with a pistol. In Hawaii, Ash wears a typical dark green soldier's uniform and dark green fingerless gloves.

In their LSD boss forms, Alex and Ash are initially introduced as dark, humanoid swans with large wings before combining into a two-headed entity. This entity appears as a huge, flying hydra-like monster with large wings, two swan heads with long, extendable necks, four muscular arms with hands that possess sharp claws, a pair of breasts that are mostly obscured by the creature's arms, and a glowing white and green aura. Though Alex and Ash's eyes appear to be white, they will start glowing red and emitting flames when both of them are ready to attack. The "Alex" head has a long chainsaw tongue, while the "Ash" head is capable of spitting fireballs.



Prior to 50 Blessings' attacks in Miami, Alex and Ash both fought in the Hawaii Conflict alongside their friends and the Ghost Wolves. On March 17th, 1985, at a military bar where the Ghost Wolves are present, Alex is seen smoking a cigarette and Ash adjusts a radio's frequency.

Long after the war is over, the ultranationalist organization, 50 Blessings, singlehandedly destroys the Russian Mafia by coercing masked killers into raiding their criminal hideouts through the use of threatening phone calls. The most infamous and successful of these masked killers, Jacket, earns the worship of Alex, Ash and the Fans in the process, perceiving him as a hero. Despite modeling hersalf after Jacket and 50 Blessings' killing sprees, Alex and Ash both seem to be completely unaware of the context behind Jacket's murders and 50 Blessings' jingoistic motives, simply going along with the Fans' massacres for sadistic thrills and notoriety.

Digital Comic

In Issue 1 of the Digital Comic, Alex, Ash and the Fans watch the news following the aftermath of Jacket's attack on the Russian Mafia's villa. Both siblings criticize the arrest of Jacket and the media's input on his crimes: Alex states that the authorities should not be arresting a "hero" like Jacket, while Ash complains that the press even seems to be celebrating Jacket's incarceration. Subsequently, Tony urges his friends not to worry, since it now means that it's time for them to rise up and continue Jacket's work in his stead. Marking the beginning of the Fans' killing sprees, Alex and Ash willingly tag along.

In Issue 4, Alex and Ash accompany the Fans as they patrol the streets of Miami in their brand new "Attack Van", searching for any criminal hideout they can invade. While Ash reveals that they could possibly eavesdrop on police frequencies with the use of a radio owned by his friend, Tony overhears a news report on the radio of a human trafficking operation being discovered at docks by the authorities. Knowing that there is criminal activity there, Ash suggests they should patrol the docks. Driving out to the general area, Ash spots a light coming from a seemingly abandoned warehouse, but Alex voices her skepticism by hitting him on the back of the head. Insisting he saw something, Ash convinces the Fans to get out of the van and investigate the area. When Ash advises the group to proceed with caution, Tony asks Corey to scout ahead. However, Corey spots a gang member gives chase, so Alex, Ash and the Fans follow after Corey. Stumbling upon a masked gang unloading cargo from a truck, the Fans immediately start slaughtering them through whatever means necessary.

Engaging in a battle with the gang inside the warehouse, Ash starts gunning down thugs with his dual pistols, covering Corey as she makes her way inside by shooting a gang member in the legs. Falling down a staircase, the wounded hoodlum gets eviscerated by Alex. After Corey takes the man by surprise by chopping his hands off, she leaves him at the mercy of Alex, who kills him with her chainsaw offscreen. Meanwhile, Ash tries to help Tony when he gets grappled by a large thug, but Mark steps in and saves Tony by slamming the hoodlum's head into the ground. Trying to finish the gang member off, Alex is stopped by Tony, angrily asking Tony why they should spare the man. He insists that they should leave one of the thugs alive to "send a message" to Miami about their newfound quest for fame. As the Fans head back home, Tony tortures the gang member by chaining him to the front of the Attack Van and drives through the streets of Miami with him, causing his feet to be ripped apart. Ash is impressed with Tony's idea, while Alex simply shrugs it off.

October, 1991

On October 31st, the Fans host an animal mask-themed Halloween party at their bar. Hanging out with their friends at a couch, Alex and Ash grow immensely bored of the guests and their party, with Ash agreeing with Tony that all their guests are "morons". To lift their spirits, Mark asks if they are going to kill another gang of criminals. While Corey appears to be hesitant about the idea, Ash and Tony enthusastically agree with the idea, so without any complaints, Alex heads over to the bar's garage and starts up the van.

Due to the massive decline in the Russian Mafia's activity, the Fans are left to improvise with their vigilante rampages by targeting petty gangs who have taken over the bulk of the Russian Mafia's weaker criminal operations. As such, the Fans arrive at NW 188th Street, a gang-owned electronics workshop. Dependent on the player selecting them as the playable characters, Alex and Ash both charge in, slaughters all of the thugs occupying the hideout and flee the crime scene with their friends. Alex and Ash wait inside the van while Mark orders three pizzas for the gang.

November, 1991


On November 5th, one of Jacket's trials take place, where a gathering of people outside the courthouse are protesting about Jacket's incarceration. Among the protestors are Alex and Ash, each waving protest signs, clearly showing that they have not forgotten about their obsession with Jacket.


On November 11th, Alex, Ash and the rest of the Fans make a cameo appearance in Hank's bar alongside many other playable characters. Alex and Ash drink with the Fans at a table littered with empty beer bottles. Despite "Subway" chronologically taking place before "Death Wish", the Fans seem to be conveying their "defeat" at the bar, since "Subway" is played right after "Death Wish" where the downfall of the Fans occur.


As a result of the Russian Mafia engaging in a violent gang war with the Colombians, one of the Russian Mafia's enforcers, the Henchman, is sent to wipe out a gang running chop shop on NW 32nd Avenue. The gang that occupied the chop shop withdrew their money owed to the Russian Mafia and instead started kicking it up to the Colombians, thus resulting in the gang getting murdered. However, the owner of the chop shop, Andy, is a friend and business associate of the Fans. As a result of the Henchman deciding to spare Andy after taking off with the gang's bag of money, Andy runs off and notifies the Fans of what has happened. He offers the Fans a favor in the future in exchange for killing the Henchman as payback for raiding his chop shop.

Tracking the Henchman down to a gang-occupied drug den on NE 14th Avenue, the Fans' van screech up outside the den and, depending on the player selecting them as the playable characters, Alex and Ash rush inside and begin the assault. Butchering all of the gang members present at the hideout, Alex and Ash join the Fans as they corner the Henchman in a small room in the center of the building. She finds the Henchman highly intoxicated on a new hallucinogenic drug, crushed that his girlfriend had abandoned him, stealing his car and money in the process. With the Henchman simply rambling in a drug-induced haze, Ash grabs the Henchman by his feet and drags him onto the table before him, allowing the Fans to viciously rip the Henchman apart in retaliation for his hit on Andy's chop shop, with Alex crushing the Henchman's crotch under her boot. As the Fans leave the scene, Ash steals the Henchman's cellphone.

December, 1991


On December 2nd, the Fans meet up in their bar to plan an attack on a "special place" Ash had found while scouting for gang hideouts to raid. He explains that his friend, Jack, has found that a derelict hideout ran by violent "junkies and low-lives" is being visited by Jack's sister. As a favor owed to Jack, Ash suggests they should put the gang in their place and rescue Jack's sister, who is now living there in squalor. Apathetic, Tony protests that he has no interest in saving the girl or helping out friends, even though Ash notes that this wouldn't have been the first time the Fans had carried out favors for their friends before, and without any complaints. Tony responds that he didn't form the group to carry out heroic deeds, stating that he just wants action. Ash counters that Tony hasn't got any better ideas than roaming the streets for random criminals to kill, since it will only attract the police's attention and get them all arrested. Not wanting to sit around any longer, Alex impatiently convinces Tony to go along with the plan regardless of how he feels about saving Jack's sister, so Corey prepares the van.

Driving over to NW 184th Street, Alex and Ash (depending on the player selecting them as the playable characters) storm through the three-floor building complex to clear out the hideout's gang members. Leaving behind dozens of bodies, Alex and Ash come across Jack's sister hiding in a closet armed with a pistol. Terrified, she tries to fend the siblings off while tears are streaming down her face. Alex tries to convince the girl that they are only there to help her get back to her brother, but Jack's sister refuses to go with them, believing that the Fans are insane for murdering her friends. Knowing that Jack's sister is safe, Alex and Ash decide to flee the scene before the situation escalates.

Afterwards, the Fans' van breaks down on the way back to their bar. While Alex waits inside the van, Ash makes temporary repairs to the van while chastisting Tony for not getting the van fixed like he asked him to. When Tony responds that looking after the van isn't his responsibility due the van not belonging to him, Ash angrily asks Tony to get the van fixed anyway, calling him out for slacking off. Looking for Andy to turn in his favor to the Fans, Ash tells Tony to have Andy repair the van at the chop shop before they continue back to the bar.


On December 9th, Ash continues to make repairs to the Attack Van while Tony hosts a meeting in the bar. When Mark enthusiastically announces that their crimes have made it onto the news, Alex foolishly asks if they could get a copy of the report from the news station. Tony reprimands Alex for the idea, claiming that doing such a thing will only draw the police's attention to the Fans and get her arrested. Feeling disappointed by their "five minutes of fame", Tony notes that the group will have to kill more criminals to gain more infamy, so Alex reveals that she may have found a new hideout to raid. She explains that she bought marijuana off of the thugs residing at a place on NW 168th Street. While Tony believes Alex is looking for an excuse to hoard more drugs for herself, Alex retorts that she believes there is criminal activity going on at the building and suggests they should look due to having nothing better to do for the day. Mark agrees with Alex and prepares the van after Ash finishes the repairs.

Soon arriving at an abandoned building, Alex and Ash (depending on the player selecting them as the playable characters) clear out the building, where only a small handful of hoodlums were present. They meets Tony in the building, who remarks that there wasn't much to the hideout. Suddenly, Alex is drawn to noise coming from a back room that Tony thought was empty and finds a manhole. Descending into Miami's sewers, Alex and Ash find a criminal operation more organized than the Fans had anticipated: the gang occupying the sewers are secretly dissolving dead bodies in acid baths, keeping a torture chamber nearby for convenient use. Regardless, Alex and Ash successfully wipe out the hoodlums in the sewers and quickly flee the scene with their friends.


The following day, Alex washes herself at home after exploring the sewers. A nearby newspaper reveals that the police are now aware that a new set of masked vigilantes have emerged since the end of the 50 Blessings rampages, giving the Fans more notoriety. However, the Fans' activities attract the attention of the corrupt Detective Manny Pardo, who knocks on Alex's front door. To avoid being implicated in the murders, Alex kicks her mask and gear under her bed before getting changed.

Unexpectedly, Pardo lets himself in without Alex's permission due to the front door being unlocked. Alex is also unaware that Pardo is planting the wallet of one of his "Miami Mutilator" victims underneath a table in an attempt to frame her for serial murder. Nonetheless, Pardo asks Alex of the whereabouts of her brother Ash, to which Alex replies that Ash not home, nor does he live with Alex anymore. Pardo then asks Alex to tell Ash that he is required to contact the Miami Police Department soon, presumably due to being a suspect in the Fans' spree killings. Alex then asks Pardo to leave when he starts awkwardly complimenting Alex's appearance, prompting Pardo head out.

20th and Deaths

Death Wish

On December 20th, Mark heads to the bar with a box of brand new rooster masks, asking Alex, Tony and Corey to try them on. As soon as Alex, Corey and Tony put them on, all three of them suddenly become unresponsive. When Mark asks if there's something wrong, Richard manifests himself in the form of the rooster masks, giving Mark disjointed, cryptic message regarding floors of a building being cleared. Bewildered, Mark tries to make sense of the situation, but his hallucination is interrupted when a phone starts ringing. Alex heads over to the bar's phone desk to find that none of the phones are ringing. To the surprise of the Fans, Ash pulls out a cellphone, explaining that he looted it from the Henchman's body after they killed him. Convinced by Corey to answer the call, Ash answers the phone and hears the Son, the current boss of the Russian Mafia, on the other end of the line, but remains silent. Believing that the Henchman is on the other end of the line, the Son explains that he's brought the Russian Mafia back to its former glory after wiping out the Colombians and says that he'll let the Henchman back into his organization in case he changed his mind about his retirement. Before hanging up, the Son inadvertently gives the Fans his address: NW 20th Street. At Ash's suggestion, the Fans immediately rush to address given, which leads straight to the Russian Mafia's brand new headquarters.

Rushing to the Russian Mafia's headquarters equipped with walkie-talkies, the Fans plan to clear out all the floors of the building available to them and rendezvous on the roof. Breaking into the security lock on the front door, Ash is told to hurry up by Corey, worried that the mobsters might leave the building soon due to it being late at night. Ash claims that it was Corey's idea to stake the building for two hours out in the first place, thus wasting a lot of precious time. Ash insists that he is working as fast as he can on the lock, only to be angrily ordered to get the door open by Tony, to which Ash sarcastically rebuffs that Tony wouldn't be any quicker at opening the door. Eventually breaking into the security door, Alex and Ash charge into the building, with the rest of Fans following them in and heading to different floors of the building.

Storming up a staircase to one of the upper floors, Alex and Ash slaughter a group of Russian mobsters occupying the floor and make it to the roof, only to find that none of the Fans have made it to the roof. When Ash tries to contact the other Fans, none of them respond on their walkie-talkies. Before the siblings can figure out what happened to them, the Son arrives on the roof and instantly shoots Ash in the head with a revolver, killing him. While Alex cries out for her brother, the Son cackles manically in a drug-induced haze and turns his gun on Alex. Defiant to the end, Alex angrily orders the Son to get it over with, so the Son shoots her dead before she can finish her last words. Leaving the two siblings' bodies behind, the Son hobbles over to the edge of the roof and falls to his death. It soon turns out that all of Alex and Ash's friends were killing during the massacre, with Mark and Corey being killed by the Son, and Tony getting shot in the head by Manny Pardo in the aftermath of the bloodbath.


The Fans' assault on the Russian Mafia's headquarters is portrayed much differently from the Son's perspective. Celebrating his newfound victory over the Colombians, the Son gets immensely high on his own drug and goes on a homicidal rampage, killing dozens of his own men while the Fans simultaneously attack his headquarters.

After fending off the hallucinated form of Tony with a shotgun, the Son then makes it to the roof with a fire axe in hand instead of a revolver and confronts Alex and Ash: two humanoid swans who combine and transform into a huge, two-headed dragon-like swan monster. Alex tries to cut the Son in half with her chainsaw tongue, while Ash supports her by spitting fireballs at the Son. In contrast to his encounter with the twins in reality, the Son kills Alex first, and then kills Ash second. By destroying both heads, the body of the swan monster explodes in a giant, bloody mess.

The Table Sequence

The Table Sequence plays out each time the player starts a new game after already completing Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Alex and Ash are seen among the rest of the playable protagonists in the game, meeting with Richard in a dark room, who knows of each character's fates. After witnessing Jake and Martin Brown turn into corpses right after Richard condemns them for their actions, Tony declares that he has heard enough of Richard's ominous judgement of the characters and suggests to the Fans that they should leave. Richard refutes Tony's statement, explaining that the only option the Fans have is death. After a flash of light, the Fans all slump over dead in a gory mess respective of how they died in "Death Wish" and "Apocalypse", with Alex lying on the floor after getting shot in the chest, while Ash lies back in his chair after getting shot in the head.


Chainsaw And Guns
~ Alex and Ash's perk description.

Alex and Ash are unique in that they are both player controlled and restricted to their own methods of combat. Alex is the sibling who is actually controlled with movement, while Ash follows closely behind at all times, being controlled solely with the player's aim. This way, the two siblings make for a formidable team, being able to sprint through buildings together to butcher or gun down dozens of criminals.

Using a chainsaw, Alex is restricted to using melee attacks to kill enemies and is unable to pick up any other kind of weapon. Since she uses her chainsaw to slowly eviscerate enemies alive, Alex's executions are long and drawn out, often leaving Alex vulnerable to enemy attacks and requiring Ash to cover for her while she is busy. On the other hand, Alex is one of the few playable characters who can perform standing executions on fat enemies if timed correctly, being able to fat enemies in their tracks and disembowl them with ease.

To make up for Alex's lack of ranged attacks, Ash can carry firearms and use them to shoot enemies from afar and to cover her sister while she is busy carving up enemies with her chainsaw. Ash always starts out levels with a pistol until he runs out of ammo, leaving him unarmed. Should Alex walk past any firearm while Ash is unarmed, he will automatically pick up the firearm and be able to use it. Despite being restricted to using guns, Ash's firerate is faster than any playable character in the series.

If Alex dies at any point, Ash will drop his gun and surrender, requiring the player to restart a floor regardless of one sibling surviving.


  • Like the rest of the Fans, Alex and Ash appear as a playable character in more levels than any other protagonist in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, being playable in five levels.
  • Alex and Ash's perk is the only one of the Fans' abilities that isn't recycled for the Son.
  • Alex and Corey are the only female characters in the Hotline Miami series to appear as playable protagonists.
  • The Swans' masks were colored green and with yellow beaks in the original teaser trailer for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, suggesting that they were originally going to be ducks.
  • The idea for Alex and Ash originated from Soderstrom and Wedin possibly adding multiplayer to Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number before settling on letting both characters being controlled at the same time instead.
  • Alex is the only playable character in the series who can execute enemies who are knocked out against a wall with a weapon.
  • Alex and Biker are the only playable characters in the series who can perform standing executions on fat enemies.
  • While the Swans are distinguishable from the numbers on their masks, the Swans are distinguished by the numbers on their shoulder pads in the Digital Comic.


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