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Alexander the Great is the primary antagonist from the mobile game Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel and the captain of the Berkel Empire.


Alexander was first shown arriving at the forest of Hanun, he was skeptical at a moment about the soldiers to get the channel Eara. Alexander was willing to the risk the lives of the soldiers for the mission to get Eara back to Berkel. In his second appearance at Heket Greenlands, he found Eara safe and took her back to the empire. 

When he heard Eara's speech, he got angry that she didn‘t declare war on Arnen due to her pacifistic nature. He requested some materials from Leiden. She made the toxin that can plant a curseweed in one’s body. Leiden sent it a Berkel soldier and Baron Borgia to deliver the toxin to Alexander so he can plant the curseweed in Eara's body. After Baron Borgia and the soldier was killed, a sergeant man named Yuhar handed the toxin over to Alexander so he can plant the curseweed inside Eara's body. After that, an elf named Shin came to take Eara out of the room and escape back to Arnen. 

Alexander ordered his men to go kill Eara. He wants to Eara dead even if she's innocent. He found out that Kiyan betrayed him and wants to kill him. At the snowfields, he found Kiyan and ordered his men to go get him. Kiyan found a dead end and Alexander appeared and fought each other. Kiyan had no other option and jumped off the cliff and Alexander's men found him. Then, a snow fey girl named Yirien used her powers to blind Alexander and his men in order to save Kiyan from him. Alexander got so angry that he really needs to kill Eara. Later, he found Yirien and tells her to speak which makes him recognize her voice. He attacked the snow fey village and leaving a child the only living villager of snow fey village. At the sanctuary, he was approached by Kiyan and fought each other. During the battle, he turned into a dragon and Eara used her power on him and gets unconscious. He is later defeated by Kiyan and dies. 


Alexander has grey hair and a black beard. He is shown wearing sliver armor with gold details. In his artwork, he is shown holding a hammer and shield. In the game, he uses a two handed sword.

His dragon form is red and has a blue circle on the forehead.