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Alexander is the main antagonist of the 2007 horror black comedy movie Murder Party.

Alexander is dressed as an 18th century vampire, like Paul, though his costume is much less intricate, and more closely resembles Tony Montana from Scarface. Alexander is a smug and pretentious art snob, who acts as a mentor and benefactor to the five deranged hipster artists, Paul, Macon, Bill, Sky, and Lexi. Alexander is the evil mastermind behind the gruesome plot to murder Chris, a simple minded nobody who just wanted to go to a party on Halloween.

He is portrayed by Alex Barnett.



Alexander has a henchman named Zycho who is also his drug dealer. Alexander also has a dog named Hellhammer, who he claims to be part dingo. Alexander sexually takes advantage of both Lexi and Paul, and leads all of the artists on. He is not who he appears to be at all. After Alexander learns that Sky has died by accident in the course of the night, he reveals that he was planning to murder all of them in order to sell the art that they've made for big money. This revelation leads to a chaotic series of events, resulting in him being attacked by his dog Hellhammer (after he has consumed a more than lethal dose of cocaine), and beaten to death by Bill with a baseball bat.

Evil Acts

Alexander commits many evil acts through the course of Murder Party including:

  1. Orchestrating the murder party itself.
  2. Taking advantage of Lexi and Paul sexually.
  3. Using and distributing heavy narcotics.
  4. Planning to stab Chris ritualistically.
  5. Verbally abusing the artists.
  6. Plotting to murder the artists and sell their art work.
  7. Lying about his identity and pretending to be an art conissure (he is really a fry cook named Tim)
  8. Ordering Zycho to murder Paul, his photo assistant, and then everyone else.
  9. Stating that he is going to have Hellhammer put down simply because he's not "cute" anymore.