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Alexander Brok is a major antagonist of the 2019 live-action movie Charlie's Angels. He is the head engineer of The Townsend Agency and he is responsible for the damages of Project: Calisto. He also happens to be Elena's former superior.

He is portrayed by Sam Clafin.


He is the head engineer of the Townsend Agency and is Elina's (former) superior turned nemesis who plots to use Project: Calisto so that John Bosley could secretly "hack" it and take over the agency, thus promising to become the better leader forever more. He at first discusses matters about Project: Calisto with Elina. However, his own superior Edgar does not allow him to use it since it is dangerous to the public and it can cause seizures among the innocent people around the area. However, John manages to convince him to utilize the weapon anyway, despite not being allowed to do so. Alexander Brock agrees and plots to use the devices on Charlie's opposing agents. At one point, Alexander feels remorse for his actions and he almost refuses to terrorize many agents who despise John for the bad man he is, but John resolves this conflict by telling Brock that the weapon is all his and it is ready for use. However, the agents manage to overcome John's mercenaries and Brock is arrested for his crimes together with John.