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I love watching you being the good guy, kicking ass for your country (laughs), it showed a spectacular lack of vision. You're a tool, just like him. You think he's made me a lot of money now? Just wait till he becomes President. (Sighs) I love running rings around you. But I gotta admit, I never figured that when I ran you out of my house, you'd actually nab him.
~ Dunning, confessing to why he has been watching Frank.

Alexander Dunning is the main antagonist of the 2010 action-comedy film RED. He is an arms dealer who is behind a conspiracy to cover a village massacre in Guatemala, an order by Vice-President Robert Stanton.

He was portrayed by Richard Dreyfuss, who also portrayed Fagin in the 1997 live-action television adaptation of Oliver Twist.


Dunning was known for selling illegal weapons throughout the world, but it was not until he became involved in the Vice-President's plan to cover the killings of Guatemalan villagers in 1981, and that Frank Moses (the hero of the film) may have a connection to it.

To that end, he sends assassins to kill agents, but they failed to do so thanks to Frank's old training skills. As Frank searches on his way to find out answers, he learns of the mission and follows several clues leading to Dunning.

As Frank interrogates Dunning, the latter explains that Stanton was the target of extraction during the massacre, just as Stanton gets his guards to surround Frank and his gang. Though Joe is killed, Frank and his gang manage to capture Stanton and trade him to Dunning in exchange for Frank's girlfriend Sarah Ross. However, Dunning betrays Stanton by injuring him, revealing that he is the one behind the village massacre and that Stanton was nothing more than a pawn.

Dunning then sends his men to kill Frank and the team, but they manage to fight back. After Frank's team finishes off Dunning's men, Frank proceeds to finish off Dunning by crushing his windpipe, killing him.


  • Despite being the main antagonist, Alexander Dunning only appears in two scenes for less than ten minutes.


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