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I am not throwing away my shot!
~ Hamilton's catchphrase and most famous quote.
I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory, is this where it gets me, on my feet, several feet ahead of me? I see it coming, do I run or fire my gun or let it be? There is no beat, no melody. Burr, my first friend, my enemy, maybe the last face I ever see... If I throw away my shot, is this how you'll remember me? What if this bullet is my legacy? Legacy. What is a legacy? It's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see. I wrote some notes at the beginning of a song someone will sing for me, America, you great unfinished symphony! You sent for me, you let me make a difference, a place where even orphan immigrants, can leave their fingerprints and rise up. I'm running out of time. I'm running, and my time's up! Wise up. Eyes up. I catch a glimpse of the other side, Laurens leads a soldiers' chorus on the other side, my son is on the other side, he's with my mother on the other side. Washington is watching from the other side! Teach me how to say goodbye. Rise up, rise up, rise up! Eliza... My love, take your time, I'll see you on the other side. Raise a glass to freedom...
~ Hamilton's last words before he dies.

Alexander Hamilton (based on the historical figure of the same name) is the titular main protagonist of the 2015 musical Hamilton and its 2020 film adaptation of the same name. Although undoubtedly a heroic and noble man, Hamilton has done incredibly questionable and morally reprehensible things in his desire for creating a bold legacy for himself. 

He was adapted and also portrayed most famously by Lin-Manuel Miranda in both the original run and the 2020 film adaptation, however several other actors have portrayed him since then.


Early Life

Alexander Hamilton was born in Charlestown, Nevis, on the 11th of January 1755 and had a troubled childhood, with his father abandoning he and his mother when he was 10 years old, him and his mother both growing ill, with her eventually passing away while Alexander recovered. Shortly after this a hurricane nearly destroyed his hometown, all the while Alexander still endured lamenting why he couldn't seem to die, he moved in with his cousin after this who unfortunately took his own life shortly after. Refusing to give up Hamilton began doing busy work in order to keep himself financially stable all the while trying his best to immigrate to America and make a new life for himself. Eventually he succeeded and got a scholarship to Kings College and set himself up in New York. At some point in his time there he got into a scuffle with the bursar at Kings College over the man laughing off his ambitions.

Act One

Hamilton met Aaron Burr shortly after moving to New York and began bombarding him with questions about how he faired so well and graduated from college so quickly, to which the latter responded by giving him the advice to lay low and wait for success patiently to come his way. In disbelief, he brushed off Burr's words only to be encountered by Marquis de Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan and John Laurens, three close friends all of whom had similar beliefs and a bold personality akin to Hamilton, the trio bonded with Hamilton's dreams to grant America freedom from Britain and as such took him in as part of their circle, all four declaring themselves legends and longing to be remembered for years to come.

Shortly after this King George III sent a spokesman into New York due to the increasing spread of news about a revolution, Hamilton mocked and publicly humiliated said spokesman and joined the military when the war for independence began. Hamilton made his way up the ranks fairly quickly in said war, eventually getting the attention of George Washington who appointed Hamilton as his aide-de-camp in spite of longing for the position of general instead. Shortly after this he met Angelica and Eliza Schuyler at a party, the former instantly hitting it off with him doing the same, however Angelica (in spite of her feelings for Alexander) instead introduced him to Eliza who he instantly fell in love with. While Angelica and Hamilton grew to become best friends, Eliza and Alexander were set to be married in the long run, eventually doing so, with all of his friends including Burr congratulating Hamilton. Hamilton and Burr then discuss Burr's ideology of waiting for his moment of success to come, with the former eventually leaving him to his own devices.

When the war resumed Alexander kept pushing and asking Washington to become a general, with the latter dismissing him each time, much to his frustration. Washington instead hired Charles Lee to take command instead, although quickly grew frustrated towards the man's cowardice and instead appointed to Hamilton and Lafayette to take over. A bitter Lee then slanders Washington's name, infuriating both Hamilton and John Laurens, the latter deciding to duel Lee in order to make him pay for his words. Lee signed on Burr as his number two while Hamilton was Laurens', while Burr tried to be diplomatic and get Hamilton to agree that duels were a stupid idea, Hamilton brushed him off saying that Lee needed to answer for his words, much to Burr's annoyance the duel takes place and Laurens wins shooting Lee directly in his ribcage, much to Hamilton and Laurens satisfaction.

Disgusted at the event Washington apologizes to Lee stating that in spite of their animosity Hamilton doesn't speak for him and he hopes Lee knows this. He pulls Hamilton into his office and lectures him about how he needs to survive and be less reckless, however he eventually pushes Hamilton to his breaking point by habitably calling him son in spite of the latter's clear annoyance at this. Stunned he dismisses Alexander and sends him home. Here Hamilton learns the true reason for his dismissal and refusal at being appointed general, Eliza was pregnant with his son to be Philip. Overjoyed Hamilton lovingly embraces his wife.

Not long after this unfortunately Washington summons Hamilton back into the war after needing support for Lafayette in the upcoming battle of Yorktown. He returns and is immediately greeted by Lafayette, the two discussing their battle plan before bidding one another farewell. Hamilton uses his group to trick the British with the help of Hercules Mulligan of whom was a spy on the British side and eventually the battle is won and America is finally granted its freedom.

When Hamilton returns home he finally meets his son Philip and is in complete awe at his mere existence, instantly adoring his firstborn and bonding with him almost immediately. Unfortunately however Hamilton received news from Eliza of John Laurens' death and his dream of ending slavery being destroyed. Devastated Hamilton deflected and tried to distract himself with his work to get away from the pain.

Both Hamilton and Burr were appointed as lawyers soon after this, and quickly works his way into a high position of fame and success, with him writing the majority of the Federalist Papers alongside James Madison and Jon Jay, before being appointed by the now president George Washington as the secretary of treasury. Shortly following his appointment he decides to try and set up a new financial system.

Act Two

Hamilton met Thomas Jefferson near the beginning of Act Two the latter having been appointed secretary of the state at the request of Madison who happened to be his best friend. Thomas then engaged in a cabinet debate with Hamilton about his new financial plan and ultimately it concluded with Washington telling Hamilton he didn't have enough votes and would need to convince Jefferson and Madison of his plan's benefits otherwise he would be removed. Stressed Hamilton wrote to Angelica to vent his concerns, all the while Eliza tried to convince him to take some time off, something which he kept refusing due to his work being more important in his mind. Eventually though Eliza along with a visiting Angelica went away to the Schuyler home for the summer, taking Philip along with Hamilton's newer children with them.

That night Hamilton met Maria Reynolds who requested his help due to her husband abandoning her and leaving her out alone and helpless, Hamilton complied, walked her home and offered her a loan, before ultimately deciding to have sex with her in spite of his best wishes. Their affair went on for almost a month before Hamilton received a letter from James Reynolds, the latter of whom extorted him, agreeing to actually let him keeping seeing Maria so long as he paid him continually otherwise he would tell Eliza what was going on. Infuriated Hamilton angrily confronted Maria before abandoning her with her husband, ignoring the fact he was abusing her and paid the man off in order to keep anyone from finding out.

Shortly thereafter he managed to convince Jefferson and Madison to come a compromise with his financial plan and had another discussion with Burr about his philosophy and what he really wanted from life. Another cabinet meeting occurred, this time about whether or not America should help during the French Revolution, with Jefferson citing the treaty and promise they made with France to lend a hand in exchange for resources at the time of their own revolution, Hamilton however was opposed to this, citing America as being too vulnerable at the time, something which Washington agreed with, ordering him to drop the statement of neutrality. Jefferson confronted Hamilton after this, reminding him of Lafayette, Hamilton still wouldn't budge however, yet reassured Jefferson that their friend would be fine. Still angry however Jefferson told Hamilton that without Washington he was powerless.

This was followed with Washington ultimately resigning his presidency and telling Alexander to publish this, with John Addams taking over from him and immediately firing Hamilton. Furious Hamilton wrote a defaming article about Addams slandering and spreading rumors about him, destroying his reputation in the process. Jefferson, Madison and Burr then confronted Hamilton themselves accusing him of fraud due to irregularities in his funding, citing the name James Reynolds. Hamilton laughs it off however and instead shows them the letter Reynolds sent to him thus proving his innocence, requesting that they don't tell anyone about the scandal. Although disgusted Jefferson and Madison agree to keep the affair a secret, Burr however tells Hamilton that rumors only grow.

A paranoid Hamilton then published the Reynolds pamphlet, documenting everything between him, Maria and James and thus ruining the lives of all parties involved, Maria in particular becoming a scapegoat in his telling of the event. This destroys Hamilton's whole reputation, thus ensuring he would never become president of the United States and breaking the heart of Eliza and Angelica, both of whom became estranged from him. The former of whom going as far as to burn every love letter he had sent her.

Shortly after this Philip in an attempt to defend his father's honors arranges a duel with George Eacker out of impulse, and asks his father for advice on what to do, Hamilton instructs Philip to shoot his gun into the sky, thus surrendering the duel and avoiding Eliza having to face another heartbreak. Unfortunately Eacker still shot Philip in the end and he was sent to the hospital. Hamilton was informed quickly and rushed to his aid in a panic, Eliza shortly following before Philip eventually passes away, much to devastation of both of them.

The Hamiltons moved uptown after this, with Alexander falling into a deep state of mourning and depression for his son, recognizing many of his past mistakes, and beginning to pray in the process, soon enough earning Eliza's forgiveness and slowly learning to move past Philip's passing.

The election of 1800 came shortly after this, with Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson being tied for first place, after being pressured endlessly Hamilton finally caves in and gives his vote, voting for Jefferson, citing his reason as Jefferson at least having beliefs while Burr only trying to get in power for himself.

Enraged Burr decided to settle the score with Hamilton once and for all after years of humiliation, he arranged a duel with Hamilton, the latter of whom accepted, being further motivated to kill Burr by the fact that their fighting spot was the same as were Philip died. Shortly before departing for the duel he says goodbye to Eliza, citing her as the best of wives and best of women, before going to face Burr.

While he prepared for the duel heavily, even wearing his glasses to ensure his aim was accurate, in the last second Hamilton realised he couldn't go through with it, deciding his time was done, and aiming his pistol at the sky, thus allowing Burr to win. Horrified Burr tried to take back what he did but it was too late and he shot Hamilton.

Hamilton was taken to the hospital and in his final moments was with Eliza and Angelica before ultimately passing away, with Burr ultimately realizing the error of his ways in the end. Surely enough Hamilton's legacy lived on immensely with Eliza ensuring to raise and promote his legacy in every way she could until her dying breath, with even Jefferson and Madison expressing their remorse and respect for Hamilton after his death.

In the end he was tearfully reunited with Eliza after the latter had passed on.


Hamilton was a incredibly intelligent and ambitious man, however this also made him abrasive, temperamental, insecure and arrogant. He was very stubborn and set in his ways but also looked at the greater picture a lot and usually believed himself to be acting on the right course. He was also quite weak willed, with him easily being wooed by Maria Reynolds charm, and slightly self-serving with him keeping quiet about the clear abuse the latter suffered in fear for his own reputation, this also applies to when he released the Reynolds Pamphlet to secure his own reputation without thought for the dire consequences.

After Philip Hamilton's death Hamilton slowed himself down, realizing his mistakes and redeeming himself in the eyes of everyone including Eliza especially. Hamilton was also an honorable man, not fearing death, having respect for everyone including his enemies, and in the long run wanting what was best for his country.

The one person Hamilton seemed to dislike in the long run was Burr, eventually deciding that he was an egotist who only fought for himself, he regretted all of their animosity in his last moments however.


Hamilton was a handsome man of slightly short stature and a slim but nevertheless sturdy build, with fair skin, a goatee and a long nose. He also had shoulder-length brown hair that he kept tied back in his younger days before leaving it flowing but slicked back in his later life.

in the majority of his younger years he wore a brown corduroy long coat with a matching set of trousers and waistcoat alongside a white thrilled shirt and socks with black shoes.

During his time in the military he wore a blue greatcoat with white lapels and buttons alongside a white waistcoat, shirt and trousers, and black knee-length boots.

In his later years Hamilton wore a green suit, alongside a matching frock coat, white socks, a white frilled shirt and cravat and shoes. After Philip's death he changed to a charcoal green velvet coat and took to wearing glasses as he got older.


  • Some of Hamilton's more morally reprehensible acts were left out of the show, such as his involvement with the slave trade, likely so his relationship with Laurens was more meaningful. Ironically enough Laurens and Hamilton's mutual friends Lafayette and Hercules Mulligan also had their involvement with the trade ignored; the former with his abolitionist mindset and the latter for his actual dealings within it.
  • Hamilton is the first main protagonist in a Disney film to permanently be killed off unambiguously. 
  • Hamilton is also one of the rare Disney villains to be a protagonist alongside MaleficentCaptain Nemo, The Beast, Emperor Kuzco and Zaphod Beeblebrox.


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