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No! Liar! Abomination! Filthy, clone! I'm me. He's not me.
~ Isaacs while killing the real Isaacs before meeting his demise.

Alexander Isaacs was the secondary antagonist in the 2016 film Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. He was a religious fanatic and a clone of Dr. Alexander Isaacs who was created to "cleanse" humanity while the real Isaacs was in stasis, thus serving as the figurehead leader of the Umbrella Corporation.

Like the original and his other clone from the series' previous instalments, he was portrayed by Iain Glen.


Like the original, he was a tall, middle-aged Caucasian man of British background. He had sea-green eyes, and dark blond hair, much like the original Alexander Isaacs.


This clone possessed the same ruthless, sadistic, psychopathic nature as the original. However, due to his following creation and differing experiences, he became more ruthless and sadistic than the original, showing the joy of torturing his prisoners, keeping decapitated Alice clones, lack of empathy and showing no regard for killing his men.

The clone seems to possess a deep religious belief much like the original, but much farther then the real Isaacs did. Even claiming to be sent by the holy instrument of God in wiping the world clean of humanity and adorned his tank with crosses, wore one around his neck and often quoted the Bible. Rather than being a religious fanatic like the original Isaacs, he became an insane zealot willing to use himself as bait for an Undead army just to complete his "holy mission."

While he was programmed to believe he was the original, his reaction when he encountered the original Isaacs was different from how a clone would react to their original self. He had a very strong denial he killed the original Isaacs, even calling him a liar and abomination and claiming to be the real one. The clone seemed to more interested in asserting his belief that he was the original to Alice rather than stopping her or paying attention to his surroundings, leading to his ultimate downfall.



When Global T-Virus pandemic and the extinction of humanity fails to go according to plan, the Umbrella Corporation decides to create another Doctor Isaacs to "cleanse" humanity from the world. When this clone awoke from his stasis, he believed himself to be the real Isaacs. While "cleansing" the world of humanity, he encountered several Alice clones, killing them who oppose his plans, cutting off their heads and storing them in a drawer in his tank as trophies. During this time, he comes to believe he was sent by God to cleanse the world of the human race and transforming him into an insane religious zealot, unlike the real Isaacs. Inside his Umbrella tanks, he keeps prisoners he captured and attempts them to indoctrinate into his fanatically religious views.

Capturing Alice

In order to destroy the rest of humanity, Isaacs sets out three undead armies led by Umbrella tanks to the ruins of Umbrella City where one of the human settlements is located. Along the way, Alice tries to steal an Umbrella motorcycle, but was encounter and capture by Isaacs and his men when she was unconscious. When Alice woke up she was shocked to see Isaacs alive, who latter believed to be dead. She quickly realizes that the Isaacs she killed was simply a clone and believes this was the real Isaacs. While hearing Alice's comments, Isaacs finds out that she knows of the anti-virus and forces her to run behind his tank to force to talk.

While Alice disappears Isaacs sent his men to locate her, she begins to fight them and taking out. Isaacs climbs up and battles her himself, even proving to be a match for her, Alice forces Isaacs to release her bindings, he gains the upper hand in the fight. Alice spots a motorcycle in a side compartment of the tank, Alice opens it, amusing Isaacs who knows she can't escape as she is not an authorized user of the motorcycle. In returning a response, She cuts off his hand and uses it to activate the motorcycle and escape.

Isaacs' hand is dropped on the ground and is eaten by a zombie. Isaacs enters the tank, in great pain, ordering his men to kill Alice but fails to do so. Isaacs' stump is bandaged and he warns Albert Wesker of the events.

Attack on the Settlement

Isaacs and his army eventually reach the human settlement that was located in Raccoon City and prepares to attack it. Isaacs' second tank is destroy by a makeshift bomb made out of gasoline barrel, made Isaacs angered. Isaacs then sends out one of his prisoners as bait and chased by the undead army. As he tries to lead the undead army, he watches a woman runs towards the front gate of the settlement with Claire Redfield and Doc desperately trying to save her When the woman is nearly at the gate, Isaacs has his men kill her with the tank's weapons and then blow open the gate. While Isaacs watches in great delight, his undead army overruns the settlement's defenses, but much to his shock, Alice pour gasoline on the undead army and killing most of them off. Alice then climbs onto his tank and pours gasoline inside, Isaacs realizes what's about to happen and orders his men to close the vents. However, it was too late as Alice ignites the gasoline with a flare. Isaacs escapes through the prisoner compartment from Alice's attack but his tank crew was killed. He then hides nearby and listens in as Alice discusses a mission into the Hive to get the anti-virus.

Leading the Army

When Isaacs meets up with the other two undead armies he tries to redirect it to defend the Hive, but the tank crew refuses to. Isaacs kills them and takes control of the tank himself and leads the undead armies himself to the crater in Raccoon City. However, he loses control and crashes it, leaving him stuck. Isaacs then jumps out of the tank and decides to lead the undead armies, drawing their attention and leading them on a charge towards the Hive.

Encounter with the real Isaacs and Death

After leading the undead army to the Hive and finding Alice, he is shocked to see the real Alexander Isaacs right in front of him. The clone questions the real Isaacs which he responded he is the real Isaacs. When clone refuses to believe he was created, he raged and attacks the original, stabbing him multiple times, causing the original Isaacs life support system to fail, killing him. While repeating he is the real Isaacs to Alice, he is suddenly attacked and killed by the undead army that was led by an undead Commander Chu. Thanks to the clone's attack, Alice is able to release the anti-virus which kills the Undead army, including the ones attacking the Isaacs clone.


  • This clone of Alexander Issacs is the final character in the film series to be killed-off by zombies.
  • Unlike Issacs' other clone Dr. Sam Isaacs from Resident Evil: Extinction itself, this one truly believed himself to be Doctor Isaacs. The other appeared to serve a similar role to "Bad Rain" and the clones of Carlos Olivera and James Shade: the clone of a real person who was assigned to the task of an employee with no knowledge of their true nature or identity.
  • The reaction of the tank commander of the second Undead army to his orders indicates that this clone may not have been as in charge of Umbrella as he believed or that Wesker was able to countermand his orders since the real Isaacs was being woken up.
  • In an ironic twist, the original Isaacs found the fact that the clones believed they were the original highly amusing with that belief in this clone leading to the original's death at the clone's hands.
  • During the novelization of The Final Chapter, the clone developed an infection from his cut-off hand, resulting in a fever that only increased his deranged state of mind. In the movie, it is unclear if the clone develops an infection from the wound or not though he does appear to be more sweaty and pale afterwards. He is also described as having several bites when he appears at the end with the Undead army, causing Alice to realize the clone used himself as bait to lure them to the Hive. In the movie, he does not appear to have any bites at this point.
  • Out of all the three between Dr. Alexander Issacs and his two clones, this one arguably displayed the most psychotic characterization; whereas the other clone just comes off as delusional and the real Dr. Issacs is the most level-headed despite the heinous actions he caused throughout the film series.


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