Seems just.
~ Simmons, on the consequences of his actions.

Alexander Simmons was a minor antagonist Star Trek: Discovery novel Drastic Measures.

A security officer by trade, Simmons became the director of the security forces of the Federation colony on Tarsus IV. In 2246, a fungal infection had imperilled the colony. Simmons's friend Adrian Kodos used the crisis to engineer a vote of no confidence in the Governor, and was subsequently elected to take her place.

Kodos decided on a drastic measure to survive until help could arrive, to murder 4,000 colonists. Simmons was aware of his plans but at the last minute had a change of heart and did not assist with the massacre. Simmons killed the agent Kodos had sent to murder him, and then hid out at his girlfriend's apartment.

Starfleet personnel led by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lorca soon caught up with Simmons and placed him under arrest. Despite being assaulted by Lorca - who had been dealing with the loss of his girlfriend to Kodos's massacre - Simmons agreed to help guide the Starfleet team to Kodos's mountain encampment. The search ended in a firefight between Starfleet and Kodos's remaining followers, with Kodos believed to have died in the conflagration.

Simmons was sent to a neutral site for trial. Due to his cooperation with Starfleet Simmons received a 20 year prison sentence to be served at the minimum security New Zealand penal colony on Earth, rather than some remote high security institution. Simmons was a model inmate who acted as a mentor to new inmates and provided security training for the facility staff. He was considered for parole several times, but refused on the grounds that he should have to serve his full sentence for his crimes. His girlfriend moved to Earth to be near him and was a frequent visitor.

In the mid 2250s Simmons was visited by a young woman who had survived the massacre but lost her father to Kodos. This young woman was writing a book on the massacre, and interviewed Simmons for his side of the story. He commented that the sentence he received seemed just.

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