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Alexandra Quarry

Alexandria Quarry is the main antagonist of the Fillmore! episode "Field Trip of the Just". She is an X Middle School student and a journalist in the school's media department who has a crush on Eric Orben.

She was voiced by Raven Symone in her first villainous role.


Alexandria sees Eric Orben after his two best friends Dmitri and Sanjay left, where she tries to impress him by using bad influence and being more hipper, while she even uses street slang, Alexandria then attempts to get Eric's attention and talks to him for a little bit before telling her he had to leave, seemingly avoiding her and not giving her the time of the day. Another boy named Theldin Lombard, observes her and tries to convince her that she's better than they were, and doesn't have to try so hard to resort onto their level. Theldin begins to tell her he has a couple of tickets to a flugelhorn concert and is about to ask her if she'd like to attend it with him, only for Alexandria to tell and do to him the same as Eric ever told, and did, to her. When the tarantula falls into a coma, Fillmore and Ingrid tried to get to the bottom of who made it a coma-tose, and how it got the condition. After being interrogated by Ingrid and some investigation is done, She is eventually revealed and discovered to be the one who accidentally put it on the brink of murder. This becomes concluded when it's learned that her dad is the manager at a plant. Following this, Alexandria pursuits through the school's hallway and attempting to be unnoticed by donning a costume shaped like one of the United States, but was then captured. She reveals to Eric that she poisoned Guildenstern, because she thought or believed that's what Eric would've wanted, that he wouldn't have minded, when it turns out the opposite is true. Felling Remorseful, she apologizes to Eric for the tragic mishap she did. After having been turned in and sent to her mother, she was last seen leaving the school and getting into their car where she gets suspended for a month, with six months' detention, barred from all clubs for the rest of the school-year, and has school community service for the next two year.


  • Alexandria was Raven Symone's first villainous role.


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