The Alexandrian Empire is a nation known for its all-female army and a major antagonist faction in Final Fantasy IX.


Unnerved by her mother's strange behavior, the princess of Alexandria, Garnet, allowed herself to be kidnapped by Zidane and Tantalus during their theater performance at Alexandria. The two grab the theater ship's lines and swing onboard, but are pursued by Steiner, the captain of the Knights of Pluto.

As Tantalus prepares the engines for departure, Queen Brahne catches on to what they are doing and orders the firing of an explosive Bomb onto the decks. The theater ship manages to escape Alexandria, but crash-lands in the Evil Forest.

Alexandria later invades and conquers the city-state of Burmecia with backing from arms dealer Kuja, wiping out most of its population. Capturing Garnet, Brahne uses an ancient extraction ritual to take her eidolons with which she attacks neighboring nations, though Garnet is later freed by Zidane, Vivi, Freya Crescent and Garnet.

The Alexandrian Empire soon achieved dominance of the Mist Continent, with Brahne readying her naval fleet to invade the Outer Continent. She also attempted to get rid of Kuja so she could obtain total world domination. However, the subsequent battle between Kuja and the Alexandrian navy proved disastrous for Alexandria. After being mortally wounded by Bahamut, Queen Brahne regains her senses before dying on the Outer Continent shores. As Garnet prepares to be crowned the new monarch, Kuja orders Bahamut to torch the city. To defend the castle defends the castle, Eiko Carol and Garnet summoned the eidolon Alexander after bringing its four crystal fragments together.

Alexander destroys Bahamut, only for Kuja's master Garland to appear with the Invincible and wrecks the city and the castle with a single blow. The devastation shocks Garnet to such degree she becomes mute. Vowing to avenge her kingdom, Garnet joins Zidane and to hunt down Kuja.

Garnet later returns to Alexandria and visits her mother's grave. She recovers from her muteness and cuts her hair short with Zidane's dagger as a symbol of moving on from her loss. After hunting down Kuja and Garland and put an end to their schemes with her new friends, she returns to Alexandria to rule and the town is rebuilt to its former glory. Some time later Tantalus returned to perform "I Want to Be Your Canary".

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