Alexei is one the Greater Fiends of the Archfiend, Vazdah, and a villain from Ninja Gaiden II.


Millennia ago, when Vazdah and his Greater Fiends were defeated by the ninjas of the Dragon Lineage, the Archfiend was imprisoned deep within the Underworld, while the Greater Fiends were trapped in never ending sleep, with Alexei's prison located in what would become Manhattan. However millennia later, Dagra Dai and Elizébet freed the Master of Lightning, who proceeded to turn the city into a fiend's paradise from his perch atop the Statue of Liberty, even casting a spell on it to further his power. Ryu Hayabuse arrived, following Elizébet, eventually confronting Alexei and despite his great power, the Greater Fiend was cut down at the hands of the Dragon Sword and cursed the ninja as he plummeted down from his perch. However Ryu and Alexei had not had their final encounter and the Greater Fiend was resurrected in the Underworld, kidnapping Sonia and imprisoning her in a giant bird cage, allowing him to revel in her distate towards him. Ryu, who was journeying through the Underworld to stop Vazdah's resurrection, ended up near Alexei's lair who angrily attempted to kill him upon sensing him. However the master of lightning was defeated again and called Ryu a fool, before bursting into electrical energy.

Powers and Abilities

Alexei is quite powerful due to being a Greater Fiend and has command of lightning, able to use this in a variety of attacks. He can surround his body with lightning energy, send out concentrated blasts of it, spin around with lightning energy surrounding his body, and call down lightning bolts on his foe. He can also fly due to his wings.


  • Alexei is considered the strongest of the Greater Fiends in high difficulty modes due to his agility.
  • He does not appear to like the "decor" of the Underworld.
  • Alexei seems rather arrogant in his abilities, judging from his first fight with Ryu.


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