Alexei was a prince of Blue Graad, son of the leader, Piotr. In Blue Graad, lives the Blue Warriors, descendants saints of saints guardians of the Poseidon soul in the North Pole.

The Blue Warriors, are traitors and don't be forced to protect the Sekai, being indifferent about the citizens of South. But, Piotr refused to expand the domains of the Blue Graad Vile, and this caused the wrath in Alexei, because he thought the invasion is needful for survival of the citizens of Blue Graad, that will get more fertile lands.

Alexei proposes alliance with Hyoga, but he refuses, and consequently is arrested by serves of Alexei, without consent of Piotr. In a coup d'etat, Alexei kills Piotr and Hyoga (free now) explain that Natassia (Alexei's sister) will kill herself if Piotr died. Alexei is defeated by Hyoga, but, Jacob, a young Hyoga friend, warns that Natassia, left her home while a blizzard occurs. Natassia is found frozen, but alive. Yoga helps Natassia and leave her at Alexei cares. Alexei give up on the war, but don't become a hero; now, he is a remorseful villain.

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