Alexei holding the Egg

Alexei Sergein is a villain from SaGa Frontier 2, and the first possessor of The Egg.


Before the events of the game, Alexei and his two younger brothers go on a expedition along with Henry Knights to the southern continet. The group find the Desert Megalith, but as they find nothing on the place they return to the town of Vogeland. His two brothers return to the Megalith, but only one return, carrying the Egg with him and going crazy, rampagin around the town. Henry is forced to kill him, but he too ends under the Egg's influence. As only Alexei survives the battle, he keeps the Egg with himself.

Years later, Wil Kinghts, son of Henry, learns about the story through his uncles, deciding to look after Alexei to learn the truth. He first learns about Alexei whereabouts in westia, after going in an expedition with his friends Narcisse, Tyler and Cordelia, then deciding to go to the Desert Megalith himself, along with his auntie Nina. As they find just an empty coffin in the place, Wil comes with a plan to infiltrate Alexei's group. as he chooses one of his friends to go with him, they find Alexei in Westia and go to the City of Night to play a errand for him. Alexei however calls Wil, having recognized him on the spot, and warns him to not cross his path again. As the other party member play the errand for Alexei, he tells he is going to the Quarrysite, again warning to not follow him.


Alexei riding a fiend

Wil and his group go to the Quarrysite to confront Alexei again, so he shows Wil the Egg and uses it's power to summon two dragons, which easily defeat them. Auntie Nina then sacrifices her own Anima to slay the dragons, forcing Alexei to fight Wil himself. Wil defeats Alexei, dropping him and the Egg in the great chasm of the Quarrysite.


  • If you choose Cordelia to infiltrate Alexei's gang, she will get killed by Alexei's goons, thus not becoming Wil's wife later on in the story.
  • Alexei is the only possessor of the Egg who doesn't seem to be controlled by it.
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