Alexi Petrovich is the main antagonist in the 2002 remake of Rollerball.

He was portrayed by Jean Reno, who is best known for playing the titular character in Leon: The Professional.


Petrovich is a wealthy promoter for the highly popular yet dangerous sport known as Rollerball, and his star players are Jonathan Cross and Marcus Ridley. Unbeknownst to Cross, Petrovich creates a series of supposed accidents during the Rollerball matches and many team members are severely injured, in order to keep the game fresh and increase its popularity. He also refuses to let Cross and Ridley quit the team as he wishes for them to remain high-profile stars. As they come to suspect Petrovich, Cross and Ridley attempt to escape the country but before they reach the Russian border, Petrovich and his men pursue them and kill Ridley.

Petrovich captures Cross and tries to make a deal with him, claiming that he'll keep his love interest Aurora "the Black Widow" alive if Cross plays in the upcoming Rollerball match. In the arena, Petrovich removes all of the rules and regulations in an attempt to have Cross killed during the game, but Cross and his teammates manage to expose the game for what it truly is and start a revolution in the audience. Petrovich panics and flees, closely followed by a vengeful Cross. Petrovich grabs a gun and tries to shoot Cross, but Cross defends himself with a stool before using it to beat Petrovich to death.


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