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Note: This article only covers the non-canonical alternate version of Alexia Ashford, who appeared in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, specifically the "Game of Oblivion" scenario.

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Oh, I see. You two are brothers and sisters, aren't you? I had a brother once, too. He really wasn't much fun. He couldn't even wake me up on time! But... I've released him of all his responsibilities. (Claire: You think everyone else is here to serve you, don't you!?) Serve me? No. I think everyone else is here to serve my experiments!
~ Alexia Ashford revealing she had killed her brother even after he revived her.

Alexia Ashford is the posthumous overarching antagonist of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles based on her canonical counterpart from Resident Evil: Code Veronica. She served as the main antagonist of "Game of Oblivion" scenario, which is based on some parts of Code Veronica with several changes.

She is the twin-sister of Alfred Ashford and "daughter" of Alexander Ashford, as well as a member of Umbrella Corporation and the creator of Veronica Virus, just like her original counterpart.

This incarnation of Alexia had the same early life as her canonical counterpart, but was revealed to be even more cruel in her behavior, much worse than the former. Unlike the original Alexia who mourned the death of her brother, Alfred Ashford, the Darkside Chronicle counterpart of Alexia was annoyed at Alfred's apparent lateness in awakening her. Hence, she killed him and childishly boasted her fratricide.

She was voiced by Karen Strassman, who also played Annette Birkin in the series.


Early life

Main article: Alexia Ashford#Early life

Foundations of the T-Veronica Virus

Main article: Alexia Ashford#Foundations of the T-Veronica Virus

"Game of Oblivion"

Fifteen years after she put herself into cryogenesis sleep, Alexia was awakened after being revived by Alfred in his final moments. However, she was annoyed that her brother didn't awake her up on time and thus strangled him with tentacles of Veronica plants. After killing Alfred, Alexia attacked Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside, locking them up in seperate places.

Claire was later rescued by Chris, who arrived after Leon contacted him. Nevertheless, Alexia appeared and laughed at them before goading them to go to the colosseum, where Steve was held captive. After Chris and Claire arrived, they discovered that Steve was already be injected with Veronica Virus by Alexia, who soon mutated and began to attack Claire and Chris.

After a prolonged fight between the Redford siblings and a mutated Steve, Alexia took things in her own hand and attack Claire with her tentacles, but Steve managed to regain conciousness and retaliated against Alexia, forcing her to kill him. Later, the Redfield siblings confronted Alexia in her chamber, where she revealed she had killed Alfred simply because he wasn't fun and failed to wake her up on time.

Disgusted, Claire questioned if Alexia wanted to make everyone else to serve her, but Alexia replied that she wanted everyone to serve her experiments before transforming into her mutated form. Nevertheless, during the fight, Alexia viewed a video footage recorded by Alexandar before his mutation into Nosferateu, revealing his backup plan with Linear Launcher and pleadging for anyone to stop Alexia's insanity. Alexia cursed Alexandar to be a pitiful old man as her fate was sealed. Later, Chris and Claire destroyed Alexia with Alexandar's Linear Launcher.


In Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Alexia is even darker and more maniacal than her original counterpart in Code: Veronica. The original Alexia was already a vain, sociopathic, and misanthropic monster in human skin, but apparently still cared about her brother and mourned his death despite their relationship was largely implied to be incesteous.

This incarnation of Alexia from The Darkside Chronicles displayed no such feeling even to Alfred. She also displayed a more talkative and childish personality, taunting and giggling at the Redfields even as they attacked her, and referring to "Veronica" as if they were separate entities.

This kind of personality is the reason why Alexia killed Alfred with her tentacles simply because he didn’t wake her up on time. As a result, her only motive was seeking mere amusement when she unleashed her attack against Claire and Steve, as well as injected Steve with Veronica Virus in an attempt to make him mutate and kill Claire. In Code: Veronica, the main motivation that drove Alexia into attacking Steve and Claire was apparently vengeance for Alfred, since these two had killed him.


  • Unlike the original Alexia, this Alexia never encountered Albert Wesker. She mutated her first form directly before her confrontation against the Redford siblings.
  • Unlike Leila Johnson who voiced the original Alexia, Karen Strassman used two kind of voice to portray the real Alexia and Alfred's split personality, respectively. Whilst it came to Alfred who was under his Alexia persona, the voice was deep-pitched and matured (pretty much like her original Code: Veronica counterpart). The real Alexia's voice pitched much higher and more childish.
    • Ironically, on the terms of mannerism and personality, the fake Alexia whom Alfred unwittingly pretended has much more resemblance to the original Alexia in Code: Veronica.
  • Unlike her canonical counterpart, this incarnation still have spoken lines in her mutated form.
  • Overall, Alexia's personality chosen for The Darkside Chronicles fits with a shallow, spoiled young girl with severe delusions of grandeur; this choice has been controversial, with some fans feeling that this change markedly deviates Alexia for the worse, while others believe that it matches up perfectly with her background as an aristocratic, hugely narcissistic child prodigy.
    • However, this depiction of Alexia should arguably not be considered canon, as the flashbacks in The Darkside Chronicles, along with the flashbacks from The Umbrella Chronicles, is simply a resumed version of the storyline. Only the non-resume Operation Javier segment (which serves as the main segment of The Darkside Chronicles is canonical). Alexia's depiction in CODE:Veronica is the one that should be considered canon.
  • Since this version of Alexia is non-canonical and being heavily-editted, the original Alexia never really appeared in The Darkside Chronicles. Still, the original Alexia could be considered as the posthumous and unseen overarching antagonist of The Darkside Chronicles, specifically the canonical "Operation Javier" scenario (due to T-Veronica Virus' importance there).


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