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Alexis Leskinen is a villain of Steins;Gate 0.


Alexis Leskinen is a blond man in a brown suit.


Alexis first appears as a seemingly friendly man, but this is an act. Actually, he is a cold-hearted megalomaniac, who is willing to cause a war, just to understand time-travel.


First introduced as a seemingly jovial individual, who seems care about others' activities, Leskinen remains that way for the first half of the series. Once Suzuha and Mayuri try to use the time machine, Leskinen shows his true nature and damages the time machine, so it goes back to 10.000 B.C. In the future, he targeted Okabe and had him tortured for informations. Thanks to past Okabe fixing the bad futures, Leskinen, Judy Reyes and Dr. Nakabachi never get to fulfill their ambitions and the world is saved.

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