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Master, look! I've done it! I've done it! I've smashed, and pounded and grounded this rotten siren into fleshy pink pulp! There you filthy monstrosity... What good's your immortality now? Try stirring up trouble in this sorry state -- all mangled and twisted with every inside on the outside for all the world to see.
~ Alfred, upon his questline being fulfilled.

Alfred, also known as "Alfred the Executioner" or "Hunter of Vilebloods" is a member of the fanatical branch of the Healing Church known as the Executioners, and he is first an ally, and then villain in the videogame Bloodborne.

He is voiced by Daniel Flynn.


Alfred is a pale-skinned blonde man with wavey straw-colored hair, and fluffy mutton chops along his jawline. He is young looking, especially for Bloodborne, and has green eyes. Typical of an Executioner, he dons the extremely bulky Executioner's Set, a many-layered outfit of varying shades of grey, with a large thick cloak and a coat piece underneath lined with brass buttons that brushes the ground. A Hunter rune is drawn on the chest. His gloves are brown leather studded with silver disks and wrapped around his forearms, and his knuckles are also studded. His pants are loose, and he wears knee-high brown boots.


At a glance, Alfred is a charming and surprisingly friendly individual, a bright spot in the bleak Yharnam. He is cordial and very open, offering immediately to work with and share information with the player while he prays in front of the statue of his Master Logarius who he is fanatically devoted to. He has a mocking streak, as noted with his initial verbal hostility toward the vilebloods. 

A devoted member of the Healing Church, he speaks often of its greatness and uses its phrases of worship as farewells, and he has centered his life around his dedication Master Logarius.

Upon giving him the Cainhurst summons, however, his devotion reveals its ugly nature, and he is understood to be a fanatic, and a manipulative one at that, who used the player to achieve his own ends, and it is impossible for him to find fault in his own actions or question authority, he is needy to believe in propaganda and define himself around it before taking it far further.

Powers and Abilities

Alfred is a Hunter, meaning he can heal himself using blood vials and be summoned for help.

He is also a very physically strong person, notable by his weapons requirements and scaling in strength.

Lead Elixirs: Alfred drinks these in order to reduce damage and keep himself from staggering when he is hit. 

Accursed Wheel: Alfred's breaking wheel can be spun to release the vengeful spirits of the Vilebloods it was wielded against, and increase his attack power.


Alfred is first met praying in front of a statue of Logarius, where upon being interacted with immediately offers to cooperate and share information with the player, and offers them fire paper to celebrate their meeting.

He can be summoned to help with the Blood-Starved Beast.

Once Vicar Amelia is defeated, he can be found near the entrance to the Forbidden Woods, and will offer information on the Vilebloods, a sect the Church has deemed heretical and the Executioners have devoted themselves to hunting down for their supposedly "tainted" blood.

From here, the player can travel to Cainhurst and kill his undead master, gaining access to the last Vileblood, and in her chamber the player can find a letter. If this is given to Alfred, he expresses appreciation and excitement for what he is about to do.

When the player returns to the Queen's chambers, she is mutilated into just bits of flesh, with only her head remaining, while Alfred stands over her, covered in gore, and gloats over the still-alive Queen's body that he's achieved his life's work, and that she's suffering and cannot retaliate.

If the player clips into his helmet here, it is apparent he has gone blood drunk on his ecstasy of his religiously motivated racial cleansing, and he thanks them for their hand in helping him complete his work, asking them to recognize the beauty in what he's done. Upon being attacked here, he expresses himself as even more unhinged, going insane over his blood being spilled and screaming like an animal.

Assuming he is left alone, he is found again in his first location, where he has left Logarius's crown as an offer at his altar, and killed himself, likely hoping to make himself a martyr as well.


  • Daniel Flynn also voiced Solaire of Astora from Dark Souls.


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