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Humans are beautiful. But that beauty soon fades. That is the law of this world. But I have overturned it. After years of research, I have found "eternal beauty". A body that will never fade even in death. A body as fresh as when they were still alive. They have eternal beauty within their grasp.
~ Alfred explaining that he found how to preserve beauty.

Alfred Drevis is the main antagonist of Mad Father. He is a scientist and Aya's father.


Alfred has short brown hair, with matching eyes often obscured by his glasses. He mainly wears a black shirt under a white lab coat, long pants, and dress shoes. In a flashback, he wears a black suit with a green tie.


Alfred is a psychopathic mad scientist whose main transfixture is preserving what he deems beautiful. Because of this, he has a habit of luring others to be with him to help them, only to later experiment on them and turn them into human dolls. Starting his murderous habits when young with animals, Alfred also keeps a large collection of his own experiments, and will stop at nothing to pursue his own needs, regardless of if who is standing in his way is a loved one. He also is unfaithful, cheating on his wife Monika with his assistant.

Despite these bad qualities, there is a lighter side to him. He spares those who could be useful to him (even if they often don't stay alive for long), and valued his daughter's innocence so much he tried to keep her pure and was very protective of her.


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