Alfred Jodl is a major antagonist in the universe of Downfall Parodies. His villainous nature comes in the form of attempting to eliminate Hitler, rebelling against the United Reich and collaborating with Hermann Fegelein.

In The Jodl Rebellion arc, Jodl serves as the titular main antagonist.


As it is with everybody else living in the bunker, Jodl was a real-life member of Hitler's army, and who died a year after the war ended. Jodl was born 10 May 1890, and died 16 October 1946, when he was 56. He was hanged after being found guilty of war crimes. However, in the parody universe, Jodl is portrayed as objecting to Hitler's every plan, thinking it'll fail. These objections often annoy a lot of the Bunker crew.

In one episode, Jodl attempted to kill Hitler, but made the mistake of announcing his plans in front of Hitler's face. Hitler then used his weapon, the Pencil of Doom, on Jodl, killing him instantly. However, a few episodes later, Jodl came back as a ghost, appearing before Hitler in his own office. He then came back in solid form some time later, leading his infamous Jodl Revolution against Hitler and the United Reich.

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