Good luck killing me when you're dead.
~ Alvin to Milla Maxwell when she reminds him she'd kill him for betraying her
Alfred Vint Svent, normally known simply as "Alvin", is an anti-hero in the video game Tales of Xillia and its sequel Tales of Xillia 2. Although he is one of the main characters, he has a bad habit of betraying people in order to benefit his circumstances. He's grown out of this by the second game, however.

He is voiced by Tomosaku Suigita in the Japanese version and Matthew Mercer in the English version, the former of whom also voices Graham Specter and Aureolus Izzard.


In the past, it was revealed that he once worked for Exodus, which was led by his uncle, Gilland. He was once in love with Presa, but he set her aside for an unknown reason (though it turned out that he still had feelings for her). After ending up being stuck in Razie Maxia, Alvin becomes a traveling mercenary. He often tried a few extremes to get back to his home world, but failed until Alvin and his friends got sent there by Gaius with Muzet's power. In the end of the first game, he and Yurgen started a partnership in business together.

Acts of Villainy

In Tales of Xillia

  • Often pointed his gun at Milla and had the urge to kill her.
  • Mentioned to the Chimeriad that Ivar had the Key of Kresnik in his possession while the point was to keep it from getting into the wrong hands.
  • The worst act was when he made a deal with Muzet to kill Jude due to him knowing about the schism. After Muzet drove Jude down to the point of talking suicidal comments about Milla's false death, Alvin tried taking advantage of the opportunity by pointing his gun at him. When Jude responded "Go ahead.", Alvin was interrupted by Leia. After chasing them around Hamil, Leia blocks Alvins shot that was intended for Jude and falls unconsciouss to the ground. Afterwards, Jude and Alvin engaged in a one-on-one fight and then Alvin decides to let Jude go.
  • A member of the organization Exodus, which tried to kill Milla and gave information to Exodus about the group.
  • He blackmailed Isla to take care of his mother and caused Isla to almost kill herself, which made her go into a coma.