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Alfredo Grossi is the main antagonist of the film The Stendhal Syndrome. Grossi is a serial rapist/killer trailed by police inspector Anna Manni, who's eventually raped and tortured into severe trauma by Grossi. Grossi's killed by Manni in a fight for herself, but she's badly shattered in her state even after Grossi's death.

He was portrayed by Thomas Kretschmann, who also played Professor Zündapp in Cars 2, Antoine Le Clerq in Hitman: Agent 47, Hermann Fegelein in Downfall, Timothy Cain in Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Baron Wolfgang von Strucker in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Alfredo Grossi is a serial rapist and killer of women on the run throughout Italy and reaching Florence, where Inspector Anna Manni has followed Grossi there. As part of a chase, Grossi targets Manni, using a psychotropic condition she has known as Stendhal syndrome to catch her while she's incapacitated. Taking her to Grossi's hideout, the sexual sadist binds her to a mattress and rapes, tortures, and submits her in multiple various ways, including rape, cutting her hair, forcing her to fellate a gun barrel, and cutting her with a razor blade. Manni escapes, severely traumatized and with her own latent confusion and paranoia. Grossi ends up capturing her again, and she suffers more rape and torture. In a fight to the death, Manni breaks free and, when the fight reaches a river, shoots Grossi's eye out, causing Grossi to fall into the river.

It's strongly assumed Grossi's dead, but phone calls in Grossi's voice to Manni and the murder of her new girlfriend, Marie Beyle, seem to imply otherwise. but Grossi is later indeed found dead washed up on the river's banks. When killing her psychologist, Dr. Cavanna, and her colleague Marco Longhi, she reveals she was Marie's murderer, dissociating into a latent personality in the form of Grossi that provoked her to commit the murders. All the phone calls were hallucinations. Manni herself is arrested while stumbling on the streets before likely being hospitalized for her psychosis and dissociation.



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