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Algol is a Garban soldier serving under Brighton and an antagonist in Chouseishin Gransazer.


Algol was summoned by Brighton and sent to kill Ran. The Gransazers attempted to stop him, but Algol managed to fight them off. He then grabs Ran by the neck and begins choking her, telling the other Gransazers to watch as he kills their companion.

However, before he can kill Ran, Ruby appears and shoots him with a crystal. Algol quickly recovers and charges at Ran, but Ruby shoots him again, giving Ran the chance to run away. Algol again gets up and attempts to give chase, but Tarious shoots him with his Falcon Bow in an attempt to finish him off.

However, Algol blocks the attempt with his forcefield, though he soon realizes that he does not know where Ran or Ruby escaped to and opts to teleport away. However, Ran later agrees to let Brighton take her away, believing that it will allow the Earth to be saved. Upon seeing Algol, Ran realizes that him and Brighton were working together and states that they tricked her. Brighton then states that she wasn't deceived, and informs her that her death was one of the conditions.

Algol then prepares to kill her but Sazer Tawlon and Sazer Tragos then appear and attack him. Algol manages to defeat both of them, prompting Ran to attempt to transform to save her friends. However, Brighton tells her that, while she may save her friends now, Earth will be destroyed. Convinced, Ran throws herself in front of her friends and tells Algol to kill her.

Tenma then appears and knocks Ran out of the way of Algol's attack. He tells Gou and Naoto to take Ran away before transforming into Tarious to fight Algol. Logia then appears and tells Brighton that he'll be sending his head to Belzeus. Realizing they can't win, Brighton and Algol teleport away. Ran later finds Algol again and tells Algol to kill her. Algol fires an attack at her, but Ruby lunges out in front of Ran and shields her from the attack. Tarious and Lion then appear and attack Algol, prompting Algol to teleport away.

Algol later attacks the JSDF to kill Ruby, fighting off several JSDF troops before the Gransazers arrive. Despites his best efforts, Algol is ultimately killed by the combined powers of the Fire and Wind Tribe.


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