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Algolian Baurbon is the last member of the Algolian Gas Drinkers who worked with Apollos/Agent X so they can obtain the Heavenly Flower Brooch and is the secondary antagonist of this movie called Mahou Sentai Magiranger vs. Dekaranger.

He is voiced by Takashi Nagasako who previously voiced Inventor Grotch, an Antlion Nezire, Kairikibou, Garubaria, Energy Thief Uugo, Gomubi-Ron and later voiced Maga, an Incinerator Banki, Rokuroneri, Tomarezu of the Tsuchinoko, Shieldon, a Shovelloid, Debo Royaroya, an Advanced Yokai Oumukade and Gabatt Kababacci.


Baurbon made his first appearance of at the rubble of a destroyed restaurant as he contact his partner named Agent X. When the Dekaranger captured this giant alien called Chigukaden Buildjick he open fired on it to prevent it from spilling Baurbon and Agent X objectives. When the Dekarangers faced Baurbon, none of their attacks fazed him, because of the Madou circle on his chest, which absorbs energy-based attacks for enhancements, but the Magirangers could damage him but Ban and his Battlizer interrupted. After that Baurbon then captured Urara and left the area with Jasmine in pursuit.

A while later he then appeared in Infershia with his captive as Agent X or better known as Apollos the Demon arrived in the dungeon to explain the detail about the Heavenly Flower Brooch, but they were then ambushed by the arrival of Jasmine as they dodge her attacks when she'd open fired on them, but Agent X managed to captured her as well.

He then appeared at Prison Island with his hostages and were about to do a trade with the flower of heaven, but he gone head over heals when Hikaru and Tetsu disguised themselves as girls as he'd accidentally released his hostages, but the boys disguised didn't hold so he then chased the group and once they're at a good distance Baurbon open fired on them as he got the flower of heaven, but the main red rangers open fired on Baurbon and got the flower of heaven back. However Agent X arrived and open fired on the duo causing them to revert back to human form.

After that both Agent X and Baurbon got into the trailer and left the island as Dekamaster and Wolzard battle each other. Meanwhile inside the said trailer they used the flower of heaven to open fired on the planet causing all of the humans to lose their love and to do so Baurbon then pressed the button converting it into Megazord called Abre T-Rex and then open fired on the said planet from outer space.

However as this goes on the Abre T-Rex that the duo are piloting were then attack by the DekaWing Robo and MagiLegend causing the Abre T-Rex and its pilots be brought down to Earth for a battle with MagiKing, DekaRanger Robo, DekaBike Robo and Travelion. After that the Abre T-Rex was the destroyed, but Agent X and Baurbon managed to escape the Megazord destruction with the flower of heaven in tow and as they were about to leave the planet the Dekarangers and Magirangers prevented them to do so. After that both Baurbon, Agent X, a couple of High Zobils and Vancuria battled the twelve team.

As this goes on Baurbon then opened fire on Magishine and DekaBreak as proven he can still absorbed energy attacks especially the ones from lamp, but when DekaBreak went inside the said lamp Baurbon was then pounded by this finisher called DekaBreak: Shining Fist. After that both him and Agent X were then destroyed by the teams combined finisher called Fantastic Strike.


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