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Ali is a minor villain from the original G1 Transformers. He becomes the ruler of Iran by overthrowing Prince Jumal and wants to take over the world. He is an ally of the Decepticons and appeared in the episode "Aerial Assault".


Ali had taken control over Iran by overthrowing Prince Jumal. He secretly made a deal with the Decepticons in taking over the world, promising them the Middle East's oil fields in exchange for a fleet of jet drones. As the Decepticons worked to build the drones, Ali and his men stole various aircraft from neighboring countries to provide spare parts. During one pickup, he encounters a street boy named Hassan, whom he shoos away. That night, he and his men robbed an airport, dismantling the planes to hide in a laundry truck, unaware his men had actually picked disguised Aerialbots Slingshot and Skydive.

After finishing the job, Ali joined Megatron aboard their giant mechanical gryphon. As the Aerialbots attacked the construction area, he watched the drone fighters in action, as well as the Aerialbots' fight with the Combaticons. During the battle, the gryphon crashed into the oil field and Ali complained bitterly that Megatron promised him world domination, who then responded that he was lucky to be kept alive. A moment later, the Decepticon leader slipped on the oil field and nearly crushed him.

He was soon arrested by the Aerialbots following the Decepticons' defeat. Back at the palace, the Aerialbots wondered what to do with him, leaving Prince Jumal to decide on this. Hassan, the peasant boy Ali abused earlier and helped repair Slingshot and Skydive, later reveals himself as a disguised Prince Jumal, much to Ali's shock.


  • Ali is the third human villain in the original Transformers to make an alliance with the Decepticons, the first being Dr. Arkeville and second being Shawn Berger.


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