Ali and Bobo are the supporting antagonists of the 1966 Hanna-Barbera animated theatrical film, The Man Called Flintstone. They are the henchmen of the Green Goose.

Ali was voiced by the late Harvey Korman , and Bobo was voiced by the late Paul Frees.


Ali and Bobo first appeared at the beginning of the film when taking out a super-spy called Rock Slag. But when Fred meets again with Tanya, both she and Triple X betray Fred, with Triple X revealed as The Green Goose himself. Fred attempts to explain who he really is, but his earlier fumbling survival against assassins Ali and Bobo have convinced them he really is Rock Slag. Seeing a gaudy fake necklace Fred bought Wilma as a gift, the Goose offers to trade Fred his life for it. Thinking quickly, Fred and Barney lure the villains inside the missile, trapping them as it takes off, reset for outer space. Presumably, the villains met their end when it explodes.

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