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Ali bin Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Fulani is the main antagonist of the Hitman novel Hitman: Enemy Within.


At first glance, Al-Fulani is a benevolent philanthropist beloved funding several orphanages and police charities. In truth, however, Al-Fulani gained his fortune from drug smuggling and a child prostitution ring, the latter of which he himself frequents. International drug cartels attempted to buy his smuggling ring out, but Al-Fulani had their top members killed when negotiations soured.

Al-Fulani makes his first physical appearance through the perspective of Marla Norton (real name Cassandra Murphy), a Puissance Treize hitwoman who, at his request, had been reassigned to his bodyguard detail after failing to assassinate 47. Al-Fulani tortures and interrogates Professor Paul Rollet, who had recently spoken to Agent 47, and despite promising to spare him, has Marla promptly execute him after getting the necessary information. When Marla advises that he stay away from the orphanage to avoid 47, to his dismay.

After Cartel hitmen fail to assassinate him, Al-Fulani forces Marla to have sex with a sobbing child, and he and Marla soon flee to Chad to avoid 47. Against Marla's advice, Al-Fulani stops to buy more child sex slaves, separating siblings Kola and Baka and allowing 47 to catch up with him.

After a hectic gunfight, 47 captures Al-Fulani and interrogates him, equipping the trafficked children with knives. Terrified, Al-Fulani confesses that ICA Director Aristotle Thorakis is working with Puissance Treize. The children proceed to stab Al-Fulani to death.

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