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Alia was a recurring antagonist in the CW TV series Smallville.

A cloned Kryptonian soldier who served under Major Zod, Alia appeared in 5 episodes of Season Nine.

She was portrayed by Monique Ganderton, who also played Serilda of Abaddon and in Sleepy Hollow, Proxima Midnight in Avengers: Infinite War and Avengers: Endgame, Crane in American Ultra and an evil witch in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.



The original Alia donated her blood to Jor-El as a part of his experiment that involved an Orb as a means to heal those afflicted by war and disease. The Ruling Council insisted that Jor-El use this technology to preserve the Kryptonian race if Rao's prophecy should ever come true.

After she donated her sample, Alia perished in the explosion that destroyed Kandor and many of her fellow soldiers during the civil war on Krypton.


The Orb created clones of soldiers from Kandor who had their blood samples taken, including Alia, Jor-El, Major Zod, and others made them appear all over Earth. Alia was rendered powerless due to unknown circumstances and joined the Kandorian Army at the Luthor Mansion.

After placing Zod on trial, he convinced them to follow him and the soldiers including Alia saluted to serve under him as their leader. The army left the mansion to get away from the influence of Tess Mercer.


After testing Oliver Queen to become a hero, Clark Kent met with Chloe Sullivan at Watchtower where she pulled up the video of Oliver's suicide attempt at the Ace of Clubs and zoomed in on a freeze frame of Alia and the tattoo on her back.

Clark didn't understand and asked Jor-El about her origins. Jor-El explained that Alia was a Kandorian and told Clark that maybe she didn't come alone.


Alia was with Basqat and Faora when Zod ordered them to capture Jor-El; they took Jor-El from Tess Mercer's cellar, where he was being held.

After interrogating Jor-El and discovers he had a son, Zod orders his soldiers to release Jor-El and begin searching for Kal-El. In fear of what Jor-El would do to them, Alia fatally wounded him before releasing him where he was found by his son.


After Chloe Sullivan prepared the passports and ID cards for the Kandorians to assimilate into society, she gave them to Clark who went to the R.A.O. tower construction site and finds Alia and Faora.

He gave them their passports and ID cards to become official citizens. They both admit how they had misjudged his intentions and wonder if there is any way they could repay him for his kindness.

Clark asks them to tell him who killed Jor-El. He says he knows that Zod took him from Tess but he wonders if Zod was the last one to see his father alive. They both claimed not to know, but Alia hid the fact that she was the murderer from Clark.

Alia later met with Zod and confesses to him that it was she who killed Jor-El, as she felt he would have found a way to destroy them had he lived. She hands Zod a gun she was holding and said that justice must be served and then kneels in front of him.

He seems undecided, but then he shoots her, in the Kryptonian tradition. Clark attended a solemn funeral for Alia as her brow is marked with her Kryptonian family crest and then her body is burned in a funeral pyre. The flames rise high and Alia vanishes.

Alternate Future

In an alternate future where the Kandorians had turned Earth's yellow sun red, gained their powers and seized control, Alia dealt with a human thief by branding his back with the Mark of Zod. She sees Lois staring at her and approaches her. Lois doesn't want trouble, just some food to eat.

Alia asks her what she has to trade, and a man shoves his watch in her face, telling her it is all he has in exchange for Lois to be let go. Lois realizes it's Clark, looking weary and tired. Alia accepts it - for now. Later, Alia found Chloe running towards Lois after she had initiated a virus to take down the solar tower.

Alia swoops down in her path, blocking her. Chloe prepares to fight, but Alia draws her sword and stabs it through Chloe who falls to the ground. Lois is horrified. Oliver approaches them, arrow at the ready, but Alia super speeds away.

However, this failed to stop the resistance attack on the solar tower and Earth's sun returned to its yellow state, robbing the Kandorian clones of their power.

Shielding herself from the sun, Alia managed to retain her powers for a little longer. Clark looks over her shoulder and sees Alia staring over at them. She tried attacking Clark and Lois, but he slips the ring on Lois's finger, just as Alia super speeds over and grabs onto Lois.

The two are sent back a year to the day Lois mysteriously reappears in Metropolis after being missing for three weeks. Having briefly made physical contact with the blood covered Clark, Alia's natural Kryptonian powers, under a yellow sun, were activated.

Lois and Alia materialize on a monorail train approaching the city and they immediately attack each other. Lois holds her own against the assassin, but then the damage caused to the train by the bolt of lightning derails the train as it crosses a bridge over the river and it hurtles over the edge.

Elsewhere, the assassin woman displays the power of her heat vision by burning a poster about Lois's disappearance. Alia managed to track Lois to an underground fight club where Oliver Queen participated in. The outer wall of the building explodes inwards and Alia walked in. Her eyes start to flare with heat vision and Oliver warns everyone to take cover.

Just then, Clark appears behind the assassin, who reveals that her true motive for targeting Lois in the first place was to lure Clark out into the open. Clark grabs the assassin and super-speeds away leaving behind his symbol. Clark arrives at his loft at the Kent farm, throwing the woman through the barn roof to crash into the dirt floor.

She gets up and tells Clark he betrayed "them" in the future she comes from and then swings at Clark, who spots Jonathan's watch on her wrist and grabs it from her. He is still wearing the watch, and he notes that the date on the assassin's watch is set one year ahead.

She tells Clark that he himself gave her the watch. Then she drops a piece of blue kryptonite on the floor between them, reveals that she's from Krypton and saying they are both powerless now, she attacks him. Alia draws a sword, telling Clark that this will be her best chance at defeating and killing him before he can destroy their world.

Alia rushes Clark, slashing skillfully with her sword as Clark struggles to stay clear of her blade. He grabs a nearby pipe but she cuts that in half, and then he grabs her throat. As they move further from the weakening effects of the blue kryptonite, their powers are slowly returning but she knocks him down and only a swift upward kick from Clark saves him from being impaled.

She flips over onto her feet with her powers also returning and hurls a saw blade at Clark who gets a small cut on his cheek while just barely avoiding it. Alia swings her blade now with desperation and one of her slices cuts a chain holding an engine block which rams into her, propelling her through a wall.

When Clark reaches her side, he sees she's been accidentally impaled on her own sword. Clark tries to help her as she looks up, touches his cheek and with her dying breath tells Clark, "I'm sorry".


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