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Alias is the main antaoginst in the Gravity Rush duology.


Gravity Rush

Alias was originally speaking to Kat on the phone to do his bidding, only to trick her, steal the gemstone in the park and leave. He also set up bombs around town, leaving Kat and the police to disarm them. Alias later appeared after has restored most of Heksvile and used two forms of Nevi to battle against her, but lose and ultimately died. A vision of Alias appears in one of Kat's dreams where she was looking for Dusty.

In a DLC mission, Kat med her 'Number #1 Fan who once pretended to be Alias, only for him to rum from the Nevi. Kat later brought him to the police.

Gravity Rush 2


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Alias appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as a minion.


  • It is theorized that Alias is Syd.


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