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Alias the Blur is a DC comics supervillain.

The entity called Alias the Blur was created when an actress from Germany, Ilse Kraus, fell in love with her own reflection in a mirror, and began such a torrid romance with it that she actually imbued her mirror-image with a semblance of life. However, as the actress herself aged, so did her mirror-image, and Kraus, who was mentally unbalanced to begin with, concluded (incorrectly) that her lover had left and been replaced with one far less good-looking. In a fit of rage, the actress splashed acid onto her mirror-self and disposed of it at the city dump; then, her anger giving way to self-pity, she tried to commit suicide by shooting herself in the head. Although her body survived, all but the most rudimentary brain functions ceased, and she spent the rest of her days in a hospital, kept alive by machinery.

However, this continued survival of Kraus' body was enough to allow her mirror-self to also continue surviving. This mirror-image gained the ability to exit from the mirror and to age anything or anyone with its touch, and at this point it became Alias the Blur. Alias was discovered soon thereafter by Mister Nobody, and recruited for his new team, the Brotherhood of Dada. As a member of the Brotherhood, Alias the Blur did battle with the members of the Doom Patrol and with special government agent Yankee Doodle.

During this battle, Yankee Doodle was able to shatter the glassine shell that Alias the Blur existed in, and this left the entity homeless. Additionally, the psychic backlash from this was the final nail in the coffin of Ilse Kraus, and she died.

Alias The Blur has not been seen since these events took place. It is possible that the entity's spirit still survives and is looking for a new home to manifest in, but this has not happened as yet and so cannot be conclusively confirmed.

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