Alice (HoLV)

Alice is one of the antagonists and a bachelorette in the video game Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley.

She is the young CEO of the Funland Company who appears in spring of the first year with her subordinates Charles and Renton. They want to get rid of the player's grandfather's farm and the entire village of Leaf Valley so they can build an amusement park called Funland. The player has the choice to try and save the village or let them build the amusement park. If the player wants to stay in the town of Leaf Valley she gives him two years to make a lot of money if he wants to stop the construction. But if the player fails they will take down the village of Leaf Valley and build the amusement park. If the player still refuses to leave she will say he didn't see the last of her, and go to use mechanical animals against him.

But at the mechanical fish event she falls into the lake and is attacked by her mechanical fish. The player has the choice to help Alice or not, if he does she will have a change of heart and later she will be eligible to be married, after all of the events of the game.