Alice Diamond

Alice Diamond

Alice Diamond is the secondary antagonist from "Ballad for a Blue Lady", episode 7.09 of Murder, She Wrote.

She was portrayed by Daphne Ashbrook.


Alice Diamond is the daughter and business partner of country star Bobby Diamond, who Alice found dead in his farmhouse while looking to talk to him after a fight with her lover, Preston Wardell. She found a suicide note on the table next to a bottle of his favorite bourbon and a bottle of strychnine. Unbeknownst to Alice, Bobby was actually murdered by his wife and Alice's villainous stepmother named Patti Sue, but still believing it was suicide, Alice realized that with her father dead, Patti Sue would inherit the business - something Alice felt that she herself deserved. With that, Alice poured the strychnine in the bottle of bourbon, which made the suicide look like murder committed by Patti Sue.

After that, Alice began her evil plan to kill Patti Sue, making it appear that she killed herself out of guilt. She started an argument with Patti Sue and later used the same strychnine to poison her coffee. Patti Sue felt the effects, but she survived due to the big bowl of ice cream she ate earlier. Later on, the evil Alice snuck in to her stepmother's hospital room and injected more poison into her drip. Her presence was noticed by security, who chased Alice and handcuffed her, marking Alice's villainous reveal. After her arrest, Alice confessed to poisoning Patti Sue, while venting over how she deserved to run the business. When she was accused of killing her father, Alice denied doing so, showing the suicide note as proof.


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