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Alice Spages is the main protagonist villain in the 1976 horror film Alice, Sweet Alice. She is a deeply disturbed pre-teen who masterminds several cruel pranks against people and may or may not have been involved in several murders, including that of her younger sister Karen. It is unknown if she inspired the killer, was her accomplice, or if the murders were completely unrelated.

She was portrayed by Paula E. Sheppard.


Alice Spages was a 12-year-old girl who lived with her divorced mother and younger sister in inner-city New Jersey. She displays several disturbing behaviors, and the true extent of what danger she poses to herself and others is not known. She became extremely jealous of her sister when she became the recipient of much attention in the lead-up to her first communion. The violent murder of her sister on that day subsequently lead to much suspicion that Alice was involved, as she did not have an alibi for her time of death, but re-appeared after her body was found.

Soon after that, Alice's catty and hateful Aunt Annie was viciously attacked with a kitchen knife by a person wearing the same disguise as that of the person who murdered Karen. An additional murder took place when their disgusting and perverted neighbor was killed soon after another disturbing confrontation between he and Alice took place.

Eventually, an elderly woman from the church named Mrs. Tredoni is revealed to be involved in three of the murders when she kills Alice's father and the Catholic church's pastor, Father Tom. However, this didn't necessarily seem to exonerate Alice completely. The film ended as she was seen stealing the bloody kitchen knife and Mrs. Tredoni's shopping bag as police entered the building. She ominously stares into the distance as the credits roll. Whether or not she was involved remains a mystery.