I wasn't a bitch then. But I am now.
~ Alicia responding to Raquel's question if her husband was disgusted by sleeping with her.
Good evening. I'm Alicia Sierra for those who don't know me. And I'm going to be in charge of this robbery's negotiations. The party begins!
~ Alicia introducing herself to the task force in charge of the operation.

Alicia Sierra is the main antagonist of the third and fourth season of the Netflix series, Money Heist.

Alicia was a police inspector working with the Spanish Government and the CNI to locate and arrest The Professor and the rest of his gang. She was successful in finding one of the members, Rio, and almost had Tokyo before she was saved by the Professor. She was then fired off the police force for admitting that she and the government for illegally torturing Rio. She went rogue and went after the Professor.

She is portrayed by Najwa Nimri in her first villainous role.


Making due of what she had, she took Rio and interrogated and illegally tortured for eighteen days, burying him alive, hanging upside down, and given third degree burns. Her interrogation was put to a halt when she got a call from Colonel Tamayo that the Bank of Spain was being robbed and that it was the rest of Rio's gang.

The next few days, Sierra and the police waited it out, continuing to negotiate, but with no results showing up, and continued mind games between her and the Professor, Alicia started taking matters into her own hands. She brought Nairobi's son, Axel to the bank and showed him to Nairobi from outside the Bank only to have her be shot down.

When Rio confessed through a video what Sierra and the police did to him, Tamayo tasked her with going to a press conference and denying all the allegations. When she gets to the conference, she decides to shift the blame and said that the government were fully aware, and were giving the orders to torture him, with approval from all the forces. She was then fired from the police force and is on the run from the police, with a warrant out for her arrest.

Now a renegade of the government, she goes into hiding and makes a disguise for herself and decides to go after the Professor for ruining her life. She eventually finds the Professor, through scouring security cameras and calling in favors. She has him at gunpoint, smiling and reveling in her own victory.


Before the death of her husband, Alicia was a genuine and kind person who followed all the rules and behaved in her negotiations. She was also shown to be caring and concerned for her former friend, Raquel Murillo, about her abusive ex husband. Once her husband died, the shackles came off and Alicia became merciless, inhumane, psychopathic and feels no remorse for the people that she tortures and goes after in order to get information, like Rio, taking pride in what she did.

She is as smart just as she is psychotic. With every move that the Professor and his gang make, she is able to counteract or think on his level in terms of when they are being played or not. She is a risk-taker and does whatever is necessary to meet her goals. She is not afraid to shed the blood of others if it means saving the hostages of the Bank.


Let me be a part of this, Luis. Tell me you want me to get the f***ing shepherd and his sheep out of the bank.
~ Sierra to Colonel Tamayo on the phone.
I look fat...I look fat.
~ Alicia looking at a video of herself getting off a plane.
If you're calling to negotiate, press one. If you're calling to turn yourself in, press two. If you're calling to ask what I'm wearing press the pound sign
~ Alicia taunting The Professor.
You love the sound of your own voice, don't you? You're like a radio presenter. Get to the point.
~ Alicia mocking the Professor's monologues and fancy words.
Everything the kid said is absolutely true. And there's a ton of things he didn't even mention!
~ Alicia confessing that she and the government tortured Rio.
Checkmate, you son of a bitch!
~ Alicia confronting the Professor after finally tracking him down.


  • Of all the other antagonists on the show (The Professor (Money Heist), Berlin, Cesar Gandia, Arturo Roman, and Palermo) She is seen as one of the stronger villains on the show, acting more ruthless, unempathetic, and calculating.
  • There are several theories about Alicia Sierra that many fans have about the character including:
    • She is Tatiana, Berlin's ex-wife, who has the same hair color as Sierra and has only been seen in flashbacks.
    • She is Tatiana's sister or has some relation to her.
    • She is faking her pregnancy.
  • As part of promotion for Season 4 of "Money Heist", actress Najwa Nimri (as Alicia Sierra) did several popular trends on the "La Casa De Papel" YouTube channel including: ASMR and "What's In My Bag?"
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