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I've been possessive, I do know that. I never meant for it to go so far, or go on for so long.
~ Alicia Spencer believing what she did to Kyle was not sexual abuse.

Alicia Spencer is an antagonist in American Horror Story: Coven. Raising Kyle as a single mom, the flaky and abased Alicia became unhealthily dependent on her son for support by needing him to assume all of the "man of the house" responsibilities and take care of her, as well as touching him inappropriately.

She was played by Mare Winningham, who also plays Rita Gayheart.


Before Kyle's resurrection

Alicia's villainous backstory reveals that after her husband (Kyle's father) left them, she began having an incestuous relationship with Kyle against his will. Early in the episode, Alicia was visited by Zoe regarding Kyle, with Alicia stating that she was on the verge of suicide upon hearing about Kyle's death (which was at the hands of Madison Montgomery). Kyle had been resurrected by Zoe and Madison, using the body parts of Kyle and his other fallen fraternity brothers, then got sent back to Alicia by Zoe. Alicia was elated to be reunited with her son, but had noticed his physical differences.

The Replacements

This episode later shows Alicia's true colors, as she laid next to Kyle in his bed and began kissing him, while placing her hand down his crotch as Kyle was crying. Later on, she confronted Kyle and demanded to know why he hadn't been talking to her (unaware that Kyle's resurrection had hampered his speech), while callously defending her abusive ways. Alicia attempts to seduce Kyle again once more, only for him to shove his mother away and scream, "NO!", his first word ever since his resurrection. Kyle later grabbed a trophy from his shelf and bludgeoned Alicia to death.



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