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Alien spring breakers's teeth
Some kids... some little kids, they wanna grow up to be president. Some kids wanna grow up and be doctors, y'know? I just wanted to be bad.
~ Alien

Alien is the main antagonist of the 2013 crime comedy/drama movie "Spring Breakers".

He was played by James Franco who also played New Goblin in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, Gator Bodine in Homefront and Christian Longo in True Story.


Alien is a drug dealer and gangster. He was really rich and greedy with all his money, saying to the girls he was made of money and that’s how he was rich enough to bail the girls out of jail after the girls got arrested for re-enactment of when they robbed the diner to get money for spring break vacation in Florida. He introduced Faith, Brit, Candy, and Cotty to his gangster lifestyle and Faith became uncomfortable with it, to which he let her go home, saying to her that her friends were going to stay with him and join him in his life of crime. The other three girls stayed and got ready with guns and ski masks to Alien’s lifestyle of crime. He was friends with Big Arch until Big Arch warned him to stop selling drugs in his territory. Eventually, along with Brit and Candy, he goes to get revenge on Big Arch at his mansion, resulting in Alien's death, to which Brit and Candy avenge him, killing the guests with guns and ski masks, before killing Big Arch himself. They both end up kissing Alien's dead body.


  • He is arguably the true main antagonist, given that it's him who sends the girls even farther down their dark path.
  • He was played by James Franco in Spring Breakers which was released in 2013 along with Homefront which was released in the year 2013 as well and had James Franco in it as well, as the main antagonist Gator Bodine. Both Spring Breakers and Homefront were released in 2013.
  • Derek Stone appears to have been based on him, as they are both drug dealers and even look similar.

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